Our design team here at TRAIN Hq love to put together beautiful infographics to make the editorial team’s words pop. On this infographic, you’ll find supplement and food stacks that help with your health and fitness.

Put these foods together and you may just be functioning twice as well as you were before.

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infographic about food and supplements stacks

Food combinations that increase brain power

Nutritional workouts for your brain power are best served as a traditional English afternoon cuppa.

Drinking a single cup of tea each day reduces your risk age-related cognitive impairment by a staggering 50%, found a paper at the University of Singapore. The best food? Anything that contains blueberries.


A cup of tea

sipping tea cuts your risk of non-cardiovascular mortality by 24% found a paper in the European Society of Cardiology


1oz Blueberries

Regularly indulging in these berries can actually help you see in the dark, found a paper by the American Chemical society



Supplement stack for better heart health


Such a powerful elixir that it can prevent heart attacks in bypass patients. Source: American Journal of Cardiology


Chocolate Pills

Flavanols from cocoa tackle cholesterol and improve blood flow; these do it without all the calories.


Better heart health

The 400mg of dark chocolate you need daily to make a difference has almost 2500 calories, so these pills do it better


Perfect your pump with these foods

Using nitrate-rich vegetables like beetroots, lettuce, green beans and spinach in your salad, then drizzling olive oil on top acts as a catalyst to release blood vessel-dilating nitro fatty acids, found the Kings College London. More blood to your muscles looks visually appealing but also carries nutrients to fuel gains.


Green leaf/beetroot salad

100g of mixed salad made from rocket lettuce, spinach and beetroots, provides roughly all of the recommended 260mg daily of nitrates


Olive Oil

1 tbsp provides 25% of your RDI of heart disease lowering unsaturated fats


The sickest gym pumps

Lowers blood pressure and increases nitric oxide in the body.

Supplement stack for better bone health


Omega 3 Fish Oils

Consuming 2-3 grams of fish oils (high in EPA and DHA) had 59% of arthritis sufferers come off anti-inflammation medication in four weeks.



66% of those in a study by the Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology reported that they had less joint pain and stiffness with 5g daily.


Joint + Bone Boost

Stiff and inflamed joints can keep you out of the gym. Stay training into old age by keeping your joints intact, and bones strong.


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