Even the best of us need to have ‘cheat days’ where we allow ourselves a day off from our healthy active lifestyle. And by ‘the best of us’, we do of course mean the Avengers. Marvel’s superheroes need to have a strict diet to stay in shape and that includes the cast who have to squeeze into their costumes everyday while filming.


So when they do get to relax and treat themselves, what do Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and the others eat? For Captain Marvel Brie Larson, it’s 2 boxes of mozzarella sticks and a pint of ice cream after a hard day’s running around saving the world. For Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner it’s a roll of cookie dough, while Thanos himself, Josh Brolin, opts for Vegan Earl Grey donuts with lashings of icing.


Meanwhile, if Hulk and Spider-Man ever stop off for a bite to eat after a hard day, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland can share their love of fried chicken. The Avengers always stick together, even while having a cheat day, so why not see what the other stars eat when they’re going rogue?