Sometimes losing weight feels like an ass-backward exercise.

It starts with you feeling miserable because there’s a little too much of you.

Maybe you got there by eating too many of the wrong foods that helped you feel better.

Most likely, this didn’t work.

You ended up feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

This solution was to dietarily deprive yourself of the foods that make you happy so you could feel comfortable about your body.


It doesn’t make sense.

Pasta makes almost everyone happy.

So, telling yourself you can never eat it again is the surest way to be downright miserable.

The dogma that pasta is an evil destined to make you fat is a lie.

There’s a way to have your nanas famous pasta sauce without having to pack on the extra digits on the scale.


Pasta Is Dieting

Italians are some of the longest-living people on the planet despite being the spiritual owners of pasta.

So, what gives?

One word.


Research in the BMJ Open wanted to give pasta the scientific gold standard treatment.

They looked at 30 scientific trials involving 2,500 people who ate pasta instead of other carb sources as part of a healthy low glycemic index diet.

On average, they ate 3 servings of pasta each week, which totaled about half a cooked cup each.

These regular pasta eaters could lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI.

The researchers said that this means pasta doesn’t have an adverse effect on body weight.

But what about the carbs?

Carbs can contribute to weight gain, but you should eat smaller amounts in moderate serves.

And to feel happier, you’re better off cooking meals yourself.


Cooking at Home Makes You Happier

Except for Mr. Ramsey, TV chefs are a jolly bunch for a good reason.

Preparing your own food gives you a sense of pride in what you eat, especially pasta.

Research in Frontiers in Nutrition found those who had cooking confidence welcomed serious improvements to their mental well-being.

Take message: cooking your own pasta makes you happier.

The simple act of prepping pasta for yourself helps to elevate your sense of satisfaction

It gives you more control, and if you plan to make smarter choices, then you also have the freedom to make subtle switch-ups.

Do this using innovative products such as It’s Skinny pastas, noodles, and rice that tastes like regular versions of themselves but is substantially healthier.

They have only 9 calories, are high in fiber, have a low glycemic index, and have zero net carbs.

You will be left feeling full and satisfied without the sense that you’re missing out on your favorite foods.

Pasta means happiness; if it warms your soul, you should eat it several times each week.

Okay, this isn’t your nanna’s pasta.

Instead, it’s the delicious option you can enjoy with your carbonara sauce in a way that makes you leaner.