You crave it and feel immensely satisfied by it, so why are you limiting it? Because it can also make you live longer…


The Ketogenic Diet Pyramid [INFOGRAPHIC]


Keto Diet Pyramid Infographic


Back when the Rubik’s Cube was the height of high tech toys, fat was public enemy number one.

After all, it’s loaded with the most calories, so cutting it out does make you leaner. But that magic comes with a hefty cost: a shorter life.

A high-fat (also known as a ‘ketogenic’ diet) not only increases longevity but improves physical strength, according to new research in Cell Metabolism.

OK, that was in mice, but that’s not to say it won’t have the same effect on you. Other studies found it improved memory and brain function.

It’s an eating practice that could see you look leaner and think clearer.


100 club

1 in 5: the number of deaths poor dietary choice is responsible for around the world, according to a study by Global Burden of Disease.

The addition of grains may be at odds with a ketogenic diet, but having the odd serve won’t kick you out of ketosis.


By the numbers


The reduction in fatty and fast food cravings when following a low-carb diet


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