In every issue of TRAIN mag, we break down the latest science into pretty, digestible infographics. This infographic is all about heart healthy foods, specifically, how to pair foods together for a more synergistic effect.

Here are some awesome food tag-teams that you might not have known about to keep your heart happy.

If you’re struggling to view the image below, all of the text in the graphic is written underneath.


Heart healthy foods and combinations for a healthier heart


heart healthy foods and supplement combinations



Relax, bro. Kicking o your morning with green mush isn’t going to ruin your chances of owning a house, though it will mortgage you with better health. Eating plenty of healthy fats, like the ones from avocado, reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as other elements associated with obesity, found a paper at Tufts University.

This pairing is arguably the greatest match-up of all time, so roll them up in a tortilla or pair on toast to gird yourself for all day fat burning.


The all-day breakfast

2 eggs
people who ate eggs for breakfast had 65% greater weight loss and 61% reduction in bmi, compared to those who ate bagels.


1 avocado
these boast the mostbeneficial effects on bad cholesterol levels, and can help combat metabolic syndrome

= feeling more satisfied and lower body fat


Blood-y marvellous: increase vasodilation of your blood vessels for better circulation and blood flow

Blow air into your muscles, build a superhighway for nutrients and stand to attention when it’s bedtime. Sleep not guaranteed…

Yellow watermelon
Contains 28.5mg of L-citrulline per gram, with more in the rind. Increased nitric oxide levels incoming. Source: Journal of Nutrition


Red beetroot
Consuming just 100 grams increased vasodilation, giving your red juice a clearer path to flow. Source: Journal of Chromatography

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