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How To Maximize Your Summer Transformation


Almost everyone considers summer to be “cutting” season, but you should really be maintaining the progress you made during your springtime diet by the time [...]

How To Maximize Your Summer Transformation2020-10-22T08:13:15-06:00

Dumbbell Perfection


Lee Boyce, strength trainer, former athlete and owner of Here’s an unpopular opinion: lifting heavy dumbbells is overrated. The instability creates a greater risk [...]

Dumbbell Perfection2020-08-10T06:42:19-06:00

Details – Sport


The Off Switch It’s not you it’s me, said the muscles to the brain because you throw in the towel during a race or training [...]

Details – Sport2020-07-29T07:28:43-06:00

15-minute workout: Full Body Abs


Q: Are there any abs exercises that work my entire body? A: Hell, yeah. Your abdominals will almost always be called into play whenever you [...]

15-minute workout: Full Body Abs2020-07-07T04:04:39-06:00

Mature Muscle


Ageing does to your muscles what mobile phones did to doorbells – makes them obsolete. It’s not something you need to simply accept, however, because [...]

Mature Muscle2020-07-07T04:04:26-06:00

Take A Deep Breath


People have free will, yet they use it to join fitness cults and wear crocs. What’s more, a paper in Nature Communications found that even [...]

Take A Deep Breath2020-07-07T04:04:21-06:00

6 Daily Habits to Boost Your Results


Q: I’m eating right, lifting consistently and interval training, but are there any one-percenters I can do?   The speed at which your body burns [...]

6 Daily Habits to Boost Your Results2020-07-07T04:04:15-06:00

The 40+ Box


Kevin Kearns is a conditioning coach specializing in aging and founder of burn with kearns ( You’ve got to hand it to CrossFit – it’s [...]

The 40+ Box2020-07-07T04:04:08-06:00

DadBod Life


If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together because there’s plenty of temptation to tap out [...]

DadBod Life2020-06-04T08:54:35-06:00
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