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Details – Sport


The Off Switch It’s not you it’s me, said the muscles to the brain because you throw in the towel during a race or training [...]

Details – Sport2020-07-29T07:28:43-06:00

15-minute workout: Full Body Abs


Q: Are there any abs exercises that work my entire body? A: Hell, yeah. Your abdominals will almost always be called into play whenever you [...]

15-minute workout: Full Body Abs2020-07-07T04:04:39-06:00

Mature Muscle


Ageing does to your muscles what mobile phones did to doorbells – makes them obsolete. It’s not something you need to simply accept, however, because [...]

Mature Muscle2020-07-07T04:04:26-06:00

Take A Deep Breath


People have free will, yet they use it to join fitness cults and wear crocs. What’s more, a paper in Nature Communications found that even [...]

Take A Deep Breath2020-07-07T04:04:21-06:00

6 Daily Habits to Boost Your Results


Q: I’m eating right, lifting consistently and interval training, but are there any one-percenters I can do?   The speed at which your body burns [...]

6 Daily Habits to Boost Your Results2020-07-07T04:04:15-06:00

The 40+ Box


Kevin Kearns is a conditioning coach specializing in aging and founder of burn with kearns ( You’ve got to hand it to CrossFit – it’s [...]

The 40+ Box2020-07-07T04:04:08-06:00

DadBod Life


If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together because there’s plenty of temptation to tap out [...]

DadBod Life2020-06-04T08:54:35-06:00

Strain Today – Pain Tomorrow


Dr. Anthony J. Lombardi specializes in sport injuries, treating professional athletes from a variety of sporting disciplines ( Laminectomy of L4-L5 discs, disc decompression of [...]

Strain Today – Pain Tomorrow2020-06-03T08:21:40-06:00

15 Minute Workout For Boulder Shoulders


Q: I’ve been training calisthenics for three years and making fantastic gains. My push-up, pull-up and pistol powers have gone through the roof. Now I’m [...]

15 Minute Workout For Boulder Shoulders2020-06-03T04:24:58-06:00
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