One of the world’s leading strength and fat loss coaches, author of Strength Training for Fat Loss, Nick Tumminello shares with TRAIN his fat-burning workout that will get your heart rate up.

If the dumbbells aren’t working, upgrade the difficulty of your walking strides to create a monstrous calorie burn that’ll leave your body fat levels strides below.


Why it works

Walking comes naturally and its energy efficiency is one of the reasons humans have been so successful. And research at the Southern Methodist University found walking burns far more calories than previously estimated – which is good news if you’re looking to get leaner because this programme sees you walking your way to more visible abs.

What to do

It involves doing farmer’s walks and all of the in-place dumbbell exercises using your left arm, then switching sides and repeating with the opposite arm. Alternate arms for each portion so your grip doesn’t get fatigued. To perform this, use a heavier dumbbell for the farmer’s walk portions and a lighter dumbbell for the other exercises. The lighter dumbbell should be roughly 35 to 40 per cent of the weight of the heavier dumbbell.

For example, if your heavier dumbbell is 80lb, your lighter dumbbell should be 30lb. To set up for this complex, designate two ends about 20 to 25 yards apart. Place both dumbbells at one end. Do this in place of your regular post gym-work cardio run.


1. One-arm dumbbell farmer’s walk

Works: Glutes, hamstrings, traps, quads, shoulders, abs



Stand tall next to one end while holding a heavy dumbbell on the left side of your body, with your palm facing your body by your hip or at your shoulder.

Walk to the opposite end, then return. Keep the dumbbell in position while maintaining a strong upright posture.


2. One-arm freestanding dumbbell row

(6-10 REPS)

Works: Lats, forearms, biceps, core

freestanding-dumbbell-rowStand with your right leg in front of your left and both knees slightly bent. With your left hand, hold the dumbbell in a neutral position so your palm faces the opposite side. Let your other arm hang at your side. Hinge at your hips, keeping your back straight, so your torso becomes parallel with the floor.

Bend your elbow to pull the dumbbell toward your body, without rotating your shoulders or hips more than a few degrees, while pulling your scapula toward your spine. Slowly lower without letting it touch the floor.


Repeat one-arm dumbbell farmer’s walk.

3. One-arm dumbbell rotational push press

(4-6 REPS)

Works: Shoulders, core, quads, glutes, hamstrings



Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while holding a dumbbell with your left hand in front of your right shoulder.

Slightly bend your knees then reverse by pressing the dumbbell straight above your same-side shoulder while rotating to the side opposite the dumbbell.


Repeat one-arm dumbbell farmer’s walk.

4. Reverse lunge with dumbbell at shoulder

(6-8 REPS)

Works: Quads, glutes, hamstrings


Stand with your feet about hip-width apart and hold a lighter dumbbell in your right hand at your left shoulder.

Step back with your left foot, as you hinge at your hips and lean your torso slightly forward, simultaneously drop your body so your knee lightly touches the floor. Reverse the movement by coming out of the lunge and bringing your foot forward so you are back in the starting position. Perform a series of reverse lunges by stepping back with only this one leg.


Repeat one-arm dumbbell farmer’s walk.


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