Combine classic calisthenics with outdoor alternating rep schemes, mixing up the day to day, from legs, to pushing, to pulling!

Your trainers: The Kavadlo Brothers (Al & Danny Kavadlo) are acclaimed fitness trainers and authors of the book, Next Level Strength.


The workout:

1. Bodyweight Squats (Works quads, hamstrings, glutes)

Day one: 3 x 3o
Day two: 2 x 20
Day three: 1 x to failure

How to: Stand with arms forward, bend from the hips, knees, and ankles, lower until hamstrings hit calves.

2. Diamond Push-ups (Works chest, shoulders, triceps)

Day one: 1 x to failure
Day two: 4 x 15
Day three: 3 x 10

How to: Place hands on ground, keep body straight, bend arms lowering chest toward floor, then return.

3. Sit-ups (Works abs)

Day one: 4 x 25
Day two: 3 x 30
Day three: 1 x to failure

How to: Lie with knees up, feet on floor, arms crossed over chest. Squeeze with abs, curling upper body toward knees. Return with control.

4. Pull-ups (Works lats, biceps, abs, grip)

Day one: 5 x 5
Day two: 1 x to failure
Day three: 3 x 10

How to: Hang from bar, squeeze shoulders back, pull until chin clears bar. Keep legs straight, lower and return with control.

5. Walking lunges (Works quads, hamstrings, calves)

Day one: 3 x 20
Day two: 2 x 15
Day three: 3 x 10 (per leg)

How to: Step forward, drop so both knees bend to 90 degrees. Step forward with other leg and repeat.