Anthony Johnson’s conditioning coach, Jake Bonacci, shares his six super exercises for more powerful punches.

Do one or two rounds of the following moves either before or after your regular workout to gain KO power.


1. Stability ball dumbbell presses


Take a dumbbell in each hand and lay back on a Swiss ball with your feet flat on the floor. Extend arms directly above you, then lower them.



2. Plyometric push-ups



Lower into a push-up, then push yourself up explosively as quickly as possible until your hands leave the ground.

Start it over again.


3. Cross-over plyometric push-ups



Start with one hand on a med ball. This time, move laterally to move your other hand onto the ball.

Switch from side to side.


4. Medicine ball lateral throws



Stand side-on to a wall. Hold the ball and rotate your shoulders away to wind up. Turn back and release the ball against the wall, hard as you can.


5. Medicine ball throws



Face a wall and hold the ball at chest height. Extend your arms through your elbows as hard as you can to push the ball at the wall.


6. Single-arm med ball throws



In a fight stance, face a wall and tuck the ball into your rear shoulder. Rotate your hips and pivot on your rear foot as you extend and throw.



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