Our favorite street workout brothers are back; the Kavadlo’s have got you hooked up with an epic street workout routine that saves time but doesn’t skimp out on big results.

Hit it hard then get on with your day while lapping up the results. Learn the most effective street workout routine and exercises from the guys who made ’em famous. Over to the bro’s…


15-minute street workout routine for total body power


Hanging knee raises (3 sets of 20 reps)


street workout

How: Hang from a bar with an overhand grip. Keep your elbows locked as you lift your knees toward your chest, tilting your pelvis slightly forward at the top. Lower your legs back to the start.


Archer push-ups (3 sets of 5 per side)


street workout routine


How: In stance slightly wider than for a push-up, bend one arm, keep the other straight, and lower your body to the oor. Pause, then press yourself to the top. Repeat on the opposite side.


Step-ups (4 sets of 20 – 10 per side)


street workout routine al kavadlo


How: Stand in front of a sturdy object. Lift one knee and place your entire foot on the box. Step up, pressing down through your heel, until your leg is fully extended. Lower down and repeat.


Commando pull-up (3 sets of 20 reps per side)


street workout


How: Hold a bar with a narrow grip and your palms facing each other. Pull yourself toward the bar so that it touches your shoulder. Lower down and pull to the opposite shoulder.


Muscle-ups (3 sets of 5)


street workout routine kavadlos


How: Hang from a bar. Lean back and pull the bar all the way down to your sternum, reach your chest over the bar and extend your arms. Pause here briefly and lower back down.


Now that you’ve got the street workout routine down and you’re smashing through it like a champ, it may be time to look at some progressions or variations.


Street workout progressions

Hanging knee raises: extend your legs out straight in front of you for added difficulty

Muscle ups: you may need to regress these before you progress. If you’re struggling, do some pullups followed immediately by press-ups for a superset. This covers the pull and push sum of the whole muscle up. If you get to elite muscle up status, then you can bang out more reps or do more rounds.

Commando pull-ups: it’s time to hit more reps, bro. If you are struggling to do these initially then start with standard close-grip chins.

Step-ups: when these stop challenging you, it’s time to get plyometric. Find a small wall that isn’t so high that you’ll end up being the laughing stock of the whole street, and jump up on the wall with both feet shoulder width apart – hit the ground softly with both feet the same distance on your landing.

Archer push-ups: if you start to find these easy, you’re reaching legendary status. The initial prescription of reps is pretty low so your immediate progression should be to increase those up to around 15, before considering more rounds. If you’re struggling, start off with normal push-ups.


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