Teaming up with Maximuscle, Bradley Simmonds hits us with a fast, intense, 18-minute equipment-free hotel room workout – helping us get the poolside pump while we’re away. This will see you looking your best for those first steps by the pool during your summer holidays.

Grab your roomie and help each other get ready for your swole patrol around the pool. Roommate can’t be bothered? That’s fine – just be sure to pack a set of resistance bands in your luggage and we’ll show you how to become a one-man band of lean muscle.

This workout contains a series of exercises for you to do in your hotel room, aimed at not only keeping you lean and ripped throughout the summer months, but also keeping you looking swole with a perma-pump wherever you go.

Whether you are in Ibiza, Margate or travelling around South-East Asia, these exercises don’t require equipment or money (unless you don’t have a beach towel handy?).


The Hotel Room Workout

There are five exercises within the workout with each exercise being completed for 60 seconds with a one-minute rest after each round. This should be repeated for three rounds in a circuit fashion.


hotel room workout


Assisted Press Ups

Get down on your hotel room floor. Keeping a prone position with the hands palms down under the shoulders, the balls of the feet on the ground, and the back straight, push the body up and let it down by an alternate straightening and bending of the arms. Get a partner to push down gently on your back whilst you’re pushing up to make it harder for you. This targets your triceps and chest.

1-man alternative: Just go for reps. Get yourself a mega-pump by simply repping out for 60 seconds. Even if you reach failure before the minute is up, take a few deep breaths, shake out your arms and slowly grind out single reps in this fashion until it’s time to rest.


man performing towel bicep curls


Towel Bicep Curls

Stand up straight with either side of a towel in each hand. With your arms by your side, slowly bring your arms up towards your chest. Whilst doing this your partner will be pushing down on the towel to create resistance. This move targets your biceps.

1-man alternative: Buy resistance bands with handles on both sides. The easy fix is to stand in the middle of the resistance band and perform your bicep curls with the band acting as your drill sergeant providing your biceps with load. It’s you and the bands against the world (or your biceps in this case)


man performing a tricep upright row


Tricep Upright Rows

Grasp a towel in each hand with a pronated (palms forward) grip that is slightly less than shoulder width. Use your side shoulders to lift the towel as you exhale. The towel should be close to the body as you move it up and the elbows should drive the motion. Continue to lift them until they nearly touch your chin. Your partner can place their hands in the middle of the towel and pull down whilst you’re pulling up to create resistant. This targets your triceps or traps depending on which partner you are.

1-man alternative: Stand in the middle of your resistance bands, as you did with the bicep curls and use the same technique as above. Keeping the band close to your body, using your elbows to drive the handles up and ensuring that they remain higher than your wrists.

The tricep alternative would be a similar starting position with both feet in the middle of the bands, but your start position would be taking the handles behind your head, with your arms in line with your head. Then, extend at the elbows and straighten your arm above your head (keeping the arms in line with the head the entire time). A simple variation of the tricep overhead extension.


man performing a diamond push up with a personal trainer


Diamond Push Ups

Place your hands close together, in a diamond shape – lower yourself to the ground and push back up. This targets your triceps primarily, but also your chest as well as your abdominals.


man performing a tricep dip with a personal trainer


Dips on any surface

Find a chair, sit off the front and bend your elbows back. This exercise should also work on most hotel beds. Just be sure to check how sturdy any hotel furniture is in advance before going hard – we’re not footing the bill for any breakages.

Slowly lower your butt towards the floor. Keep your elbows tucked in. Your body should just clear the seat/bed. Dips will isolate your triceps in this hotel room workout


Leading UK sports nutrition brand Maximuscle has teamed up with fitness expert Bradley Simmonds for this summer’s Ibiza Challenge. Bradley is helping to keep Brits in shape this holiday season, with a range of poolside, hotel and beach fat-scorching exercises.

Bradley, a celebrity personal trainer and fitness expert,  provides the training tips and tricks you’ll need, with simple guides to fitness whilst on holiday or preparing for your trip away.

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