Try top performance enhancement coach and sports scientist Brendan Chaplin’s full-throttle, gut-busting program to own the beaches this summer.


What to do

Using these sessions in an ABA, BAB format, do three sessions per week, adding more weight on each set until you can’t do another rep on the final set. Use the first two weeks to get used to the sessions and the last two to beat your numbers from the first two weeks.


Why it works

Training at such high intensity will elevate your metabolism for 48-72 hours post exercise, creating a huge calorie burn. If you want to burn fat faster, include five minutes of interval training (30-second sprints and 30-second rest periods) before and after sessions. Stick to it and you’ll be harder and leaner in less than a month.


Session A

Works: Upper-body strength, lower-body volume.

Do this circuit 3 times


Warm Up



Bodyweight squat (20 reps)
TRX W (8 reps)
TRX row (8 reps)
Press-up (8 reps)



Tri-set one



Dumbbell bench press (8, 6, 6, 4 reps)
Single-arm dumbbell row (8, 8, 6, 6 reps )
Leg lower on a bench (4 x 12 reps)



Tri-set two



Dumbbell pull-over (3 x 8 reps)
Bicep curl (3 x 12 reps)
Kettlebell reverse lunge (3 x 8 reps each leg)



Density finisher

Do as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of 5 reps each side



Spiderman press-up
Dumbbell lunge and reach
Barbell overhead lunge




Session B

Works: Lower-body strength, upper-body volume.


Warm up

Do this circuit 3 times



Split squat (15 reps)
TRX press-up (8 reps)
TRX rollout (8 reps)
TRX row (12 reps)



Tri-set one



Barbell back squat (6, 6, 6, 4 reps)
Push press (8, 8, 6, 6 reps)
Triceps press-up (4 x 10 reps)



Tri-set two



Deadlift (3 x 6 reps)
Swiss ball rockback (3 x 10 reps)
Chin-up (3 x maximum reps)



Density Finisher

Do this circuit 3 times



Split squat (15 reps)
TRX press-up (8 reps)
TRX rollout (8 reps)
TRX row (12 reps)




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