Harness the energy from your gym’s cable crossover machines to flick on your fat-burning switch so your body becomes a true transformer.

Your trainer for this gruelling workout is Megan Linge, an Aerobics And Fitness Association Of America certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.


1. Treadmill


Run for five minutes to warm up. If you have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill that turns into hate/hate very quickly, then don’t worry: this is the only time you’ll be using the ’mill in this workout.



2. Mountain climbers

(30 seconds)


Set up in a full plank with your wrists under your shoulders.

Alternate bringing each knee in towards your chest, then returning it to the start position, “running” as fast as you can.



3. Cable low to high woodchops

(15 x L+R)


Secure handle in low position. Stand with left towards attachment. Drop into squat, hold handle with both hands.

Extend legs, keeping arms straight and rotate torso bringing arms up to right, raising left heel.



4. Full arm plank with alternating tap outs

(30 seconds)


Set up in a full plank with your wrists under your shoulders.

Pick up your right foot and tap 8-10in to side then return to start. Repeat with the left and continue alternating.



5. Burpees

(30 secs)


Bring your palms to the floor and jump back to extend the legs into a full plank. Quickly bring the feet back to their starting position and return to standing with a jump at the completion of the move, arms overhead.



6. Standing cable rotations

(15 x L+R)



Secure handle at mid height. Stand with left side towards the cable.

Hold handle with both hands, extend arms fully, rotate body to right with arms moving across the horizontal plane. Lift up left heel as you rotate.



7. Side plank with hip raises

(15 reps)


Set up in a full arm side plank with left wrist under left shoulder. Stack feet, bring right arm up towards ceiling.

Lift your hips towards the ceiling. Perform all reps then repeat on the other side.



8. Jump squats

(30 seconds)


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Bend hips and knees to lower yourself. Stop when the bottoms of your thighs are parallel to the floor then jump up as high as you can. Land with soft knees.



9. Lunge with knee and single arm cable row

(15 x L+R)


Secure handle at mid height. Hold handle with right hand. Step back so weights are off stack, arm is fully extended.

Lunge back, bring right knee up and “row” with right arm.



10. Full plank with alternating shoulder taps

(30 seconds)


Drop into a plank. With your right hand, tap your left shoulder then return to full plank.

With your left hand, tap your right shoulder and return to full plank.



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