People generally think that weighted plates are only good for a bar, but with the right surface and a little imagination you can get a great total body workout from them.

For this program you will need two 5lb plates, two 10lb ones and a 25lb plate. You will complete 1-3 sets of all these exercises for 10-20 reps. This workout should take roughly 30 minutes:


1. Sliding mountain climbers

Place a 5lb plate under each foot and put the top of your shoe inside each hole. Place your hands on the ground in a push-up position. Slide your knees alternatively back and forth up to your gut.


2. Wax on, wax off

Still lying in a push-up position, place the 5lb plates under your hands. Now try making small circular positions with your arms.


3. Alternating spread eagle

Place a plate under each hand and foot. Alternatively, slide one plate out using the appropriate limb. When you are spread-eagled, reverse the process.


4. Plate chops

Stand upright with the 25lb plate above your head. Now bend at the waist and knees and swing the plate through your legs.


5. Plate twister

Stand upright holding the plate in front of your chest. Twist it from right to left letting one foot rotate. Raise the plate above your head every time it comes back to center.


6. Standing one-legged row

Stand on one foot with the other one elevated. Bend forward from the waist so you are parallel to the floor. Grab the plate with both hands and pull it toward your chest.


7. One-legged squats with plate raise

Stand on one foot with the 5lb plates in each hand. As you squat down on one leg, raise the plates to shoulder level.


8. Alternating leg curls

Lying on the floor with plates under your heels, press your hips up and alternate pushing a plate away from your butt.


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