Despite the fact it’s often been scoffed at in the past, the trampoline can really boost your cardio, improve your muscle tone, torch all those excess calories and is great for your joints.

In fact, this low-impact gravity-using piece of equipment has been found to reduce impact on your skeleton by up to 40% compared to jogging, so you can work for up to three times longer.

Anyway, the program I’ve put together for you is a mix of plyometric, bodyweight and explosive exercises that will improve your circulation, stimulate the flow in your lymphatic system – so boosting your immune system – and reduce stress levels. And all that while your raising your S&C and endurance levels.

All you’ll need is your trampoline and a couple of medicine balls, one large and one small, so jump to it.


1. Clap press-ups

In a press-up position with hands on trampoline, push up and clap your hands before they touch back down. 10 reps.


2. Medicine ball slams

Grab a med ball, raise it above your head and throw it down on to the trampoline before catching it on the rebound. 20 reps.


3. Lateral crosses

One foot on the trampoline and one off. Stamp down on the trampoline and switch feet in mid-air. 60-second burst.


4. Single-leg jump

Stand on one leg on the trampoline and begin to bounce as you drive your knee up towards your chest. 30-second burst.


5. Standing one-legged row

Stand on one foot, elevate the other. Bend forward at the waist. Grab dumbbells with both hands, pull toward chest.


6. Bow jumps

Stand in front of the trampoline and jump on to it, but then bring your knees up to your chest as you land.


7. Butt bounce

Sit on trampoline and try to put some air between you and it. Great for your mid-section and glutes. 45-second burst.


8. Single-arm medicine ball smash

In a press-up position with one hand on trampoline and one holding a med ball, smash the ball into trampoline. 20 reps each arm.



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