These are just some the tools you need to master to transform your physique for good.


1. Elevated pushups


3×15 reps

Works: Chest, shoulders, triceps.

Bend your arms and lower your chest down, making sure to keep your elbows fairly close to your sides. Pause with your chest about one inch from the surface, then press back up.




2. Bench assisted squats 


3×15 reps

Works: Quads, hams, lower back.

Bend from your hips, knees and ankles as you sit back. Make sure to keep your heels flat on the ground the entire time. Pause at the bottom seated position before standing.



3. Flex hang 


3×20 second hold

Works: Lats, biceps, abs, grip.

Grab the bar tightly with an underhand grip at the top of a chin-up position. Tense your arms and midsection, and maintain a flexed-arm position.



4. Bench dips

3×10 reps

Works: Triceps, shoulders.

Place both hands behind your back, palms down on a bench. With your back straight, bend from the elbows and shoulders to lower yourself. Pause briefly at the bottom before pushing back up into the top position.



5. Sit-ups

3×15 reps

Works: Abs.

Squeeze your abs until your upper body comes towards your knees, into a sitting position. Pause at the top, then slowly lower. It may be helpful to have a partner steady your feet.



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