The Stath has long legitimised himself as something that’s very rarely achieved successfully in Hollywood: a British action hero. Reprising the role of the villainous Deckard Shaw in the upcoming Fast 8 doesn’t come easy though, as Jason himself humbly confirms that staying in shape is becoming harder in his 49th year. Here’s the Jason Statham workout to keep you in badass shape well into your middle years.


What makes a wholesome diet for a bad man

“I eat lots of protein and greens, in small meals, frequently. For me it’s about keeping lean muscle mass, so I eat as much good food as I can. My staples are chicken and fish, lean beef, then nuts, beans, spinach, brown rice, steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, granola or porridge, poached eggs. Plus, I drink a lot of water as well. “I stay away from starchy carbs and sugars. It’s really about being disciplined.”


Keeping the muscles honest

“I generally do a lot of circuits to increase my fast-twitch muscle fibres, to be more explosive,” he explains. “I try to work out my whole body when I’m training, to improve overall physical ability and not just get big and chunky or super cut. I’m more interested in strength that’s going to help me run, jump, twist and punch. “My workout is a mixture of power stuff, static holds, functional strength, bodyweight training, circuits, pyramids, conventional cardio, interval cardio and plyometrics.

It’s a mixed bag from week to week. “I like the variety. Even my amounts of sets and reps is a variety; we change it up. I make sure I hit every part of the body, every time. My bread and butter stuff is deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, ring chin-ups, power cleans, knee raises, your conventional dumbbell stuff, rope climbs – nothing too fancy, just your tried and tested exercises. We tend to mix it up.”


Here’s how to structure his favourite moves into an effective, Jason Statham workout that delivers villainously swift results. (images and explanations below the workout)


The Jason Statham Workout

Power Clean2-4 0-30 secs
Pull-ups2-4 0-30 secs
Barbell Deadlifts2-4 0-30 secs
Push-ups2-4 0-30 secs
Barbell Squats2-4 0-30 secs
Ring Chin Ups2-4 0-30 secs
Knee Raises2-4 1-2 minutes


Jason Statham Power Clean


Power Clean

A) Grab the bar with an overhand grip. Keep your back straight.

B) Pull with your arms and, when the bar is just below your chin, dip underneath and raise your elbows so your palms are facing up.



Jason Statham Pull-Ups



A) Hang at arm’s length with an overhand grip.

B) Bend your elbows to pull yourself up until your chin crosses the plane of the bar. Pause then lower yourself without allowing your body to sway.
Jason Statham Deadlift


Barbell Deadlifts

A) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend at your knees and grab the weight with an overhand grip.

B) Use your thighs to raise the bar so your legs become straight. Keep your back straight.


Jason Statham Press Ups



A) Lie face down on the ground. Support yourself with the balls of your feet and put your hands shoulder-width apart.

B) Bend your elbows to lower yourself to the floor. When your chest touches push to the start.


Jason Statham Squats


Barbell Squats

A) Rest a barbell on the backs of your shoulders.

B) Bend your hips and knees simultaneously to lower yourself to the ground. Stop when the bottoms of your thighs become parallel to the floor. Rise to the start.



Jason Statham rings


Ring chin-ups

A) Hang from Olympic rings with an underhand grip at shoulder width.

B) Bend your elbows to pull yourself up until your chin crosses the plane of the rings. Pause then slowly lower to the starting position.
Jason Statham Raises


Knee Raises

A) Grab a pull-up bar with an overhand grip and let your body hang directly below it.

B) Raise your feet until your knees are level with your chest. Take 2-3 seconds to lower your legs and one to raise.


Statham’s life lessons

“I love acquiring a new skill, so I enjoy doing stunts that will improve my boxing and martial arts. I’m always trying to develop explosive power. When I train, I train! I get serious and go all out.”


Statham’s best advice

“Looking good and feeling good goes hand in hand. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are on point. And if you’re working out, you’re going to feel good. There’s a natural byproduct of doing those things, and that’s that you feel good. When you’re feeling good, you’re feeling confident, and that’s
key to everything.”


Worst film: Transporter 3

He’s the same guy he’s been for the past 20 movies. He thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did. There’s weapons grade levels of cannon fodder, but that’s what we get for tuning into the third milked-dry instalment. Let’s hope he stops there.


Best film: Snatch

This gangster caper fended off Lock Stock and Transporter to become the best received and best rated film of Jason’s career, seeing him playing a character called Turkish. The start of the film sees the narrative’s net thrown far and wide, with everyone from dodgy boxing promoters to Jewish jewellers caught up in a tale that’s eventually pulled together by a supremely satisfying ending.


What’s next?

Word is that he’ll turn face for his latest appearance in the Fast and Furious franchise. It’s a credit to Jason’s believability as a hard-man, regardless of which side of the fence he’s on. We can’t wait to find out what happens when it’s released.