Your perfect defensive stance starts from your feet up. Stand stronger and improve your ability to hold your ground with a workout that will add power to your legs.

Your trainer for this workout is Dr John Ventura – Ex-police officer with a black belt in Wushu Sanda who runs self-defense classes at


The importance of your defensive stance

It is easier to avoid conflicts when you have an athletic and imposing presence. The first part of developing this is getting your muscles used to standing in a manner that will put you in a better position to defend yourself against an attack.

The movements done in this drill will help you react to the your opponent, with a mirrored movement to keep a safe distance and to not expose the sides or the back of your body.

Most importantly, being stronger on your feet may give you the extra moments you need to flee for safety, or create an opening for an effective counter-attack. Use it in your workouts today to be prepared for anything tomorrow.


When to use this workout for improved defensive stance

Do this drill before your leg workout to warm up your core, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Repeat this move when your legs are completely fatigued to improve your mobility and add a final burn to your session.


The workout to stand stronger


Step 1


defensive stance

Keep your chin down, your arms and hands in front of you and your elbows close to your body.


Step 2


defensive stance


Position your legs slightly wider than a shoulder-width apart, with your feet facing forwards.


Step 3


defensive stance


Bend your knees until you’re into a half-squat to give you more stability. Hold this for 30-120 seconds.



Step 4


defensive stance


Position your weaker leg in front, your body weight evenly balanced. Hold for 90 seconds.


Step 5


defensive stance


Move by adding steps, keeping the legs wide apart, firstly with the leg closer to that direction.

The best exercises for getting better and stronger in this defensive stance include jump squats and jumping lunges, while holding a dumbbell in each hand.


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