What can you achieve in 15 minutes? A calisthenics workout for explosive power and strength, that’s what. This calisthenics workout uses explosive exercises to build all natural power and athleticism that you can improve in your lunch hour.

Your trainers: The Kavaldo Brothers are acclaimed fitness trainers and authors of the new book Get Strong


The Kavadlo’s calisthenics workout for explosive power


animated calisthenics jumping jack workout


Jumping jacks (2 sets x 30 reps)

Works: glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, shoulders

Jump into the air while opening your legs into a straddle and waving your arms overhead. As soon as you land, use your momentum to propel yourself back into the air again, this time returning to a standing position as your feet touch the ground.


aniamted calisthenics burpee workout


Burpee (2 sets x 10 reps)

Works: glutes, quads, lower back, abs, hamstrings, chest

Squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of your feet. Kick your legs back into a plank position and perform a push-up. At the top of the push-up, jump your legs back in, leap up and reach your arms overhead.


animated calisthenics jump lunge workout


Jump lunge (2 sets x 10 reps)

Works: glutes, hamstrings, quads, abs, calves

Stand with one leg in front of you and the other behind you. Lower yourself down until your back knee is just above the ground, then leap into the air and switch legs, landing in the same bottom position with your legs reversed.


calisthenics in and out pull up workout


“In & Out” pull-up (2 sets x 6 reps)

Works: abs, lats, biceps, forearms, triceps

Begin in a wide grip pull-up position and explosively pull yourself to the bar. As your chin passes the bar, remove your hands and quickly slide into a narrow grip. Use your downward momentum to explode into the next rep, alternating between wide and narrow hand positions each time.


animated calisthenic clap push up


Clap push-up (2 sets x 10 reps)

Works: chest, triceps, shoulders, abs

Lower down like a normal push-up then press yourself up explosively so your torso comes completely off the ground. Quickly clap your hands in front of your chest, then carefully place them back to the floor before you touch down.


Calisthenics post-workout wrap-up

Following this session, you’ll have achieved:

  • Increased total body strength
  • Greater stamina
  • Total body injury resistance


Bonus Kavadlo Brothers Video Workout



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