Strength and muscle too often come at the expense of fitness and endurance, but if you’re looking to tick every box then use the Bobby Lashley workout – this fighter specific system has it all for anybody going to war in the octagon.


Dominating life with fitness

Step into the training ring with heavyweight wrestler and MMA fighter, Bobby Lashley, AKA “The Dominator,” and it will become clear that he has earned his nickname. Weighing in at a staggering 239lb of lean muscle and standing tall at 6ft 3in, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Lashley’s trail of accolades spans across the WWE, TNA and Bellator, including a devastating 15-2 record in Bellator with five fights won by TKO. Even for such a man, the road to glory is paved in the blood, sweat and tears needed to overcome both the gruelling demands of the sport and its fierce competitors.


Bobby lashley workout


For Bobby, a passion for training hard is something that was instilled in him early on, and part of what got him to where he is, but this isn’t the only reason for his success. The distinct confidence and energy he exudes comes from an understanding of what it means to be the best.

Lashley’s constant push to evolve and adapt isn’t just about his career, it’s about the drive to master the many challenges both in and outside of the ring. It’s this will to dominate is only achieved by thorough preparation, which is what you’ll find here. Use these pages to emulate his extreme fitness levels in your sport of choice.


Bobby Lashleys workout principles

“I view strength training not just as physical fitness, but a direct link to my fight conditioning,” Lashley explains. “You have to train with the fight in mind. You can’t just randomly lift weights.
“Your strength training is conditioning – it can’t be separate. My trainer is very good at pushing my limits, allowing me to create more stop and go power. That’s what you need.

It is all about going for a minute and stopping, then repeating. He who can recover quicker will be more dominant towards the end of the fight. “This style of training doesn’t lend itself to one name; I follow this principle in every form of training from HIIT, to interval to CrossFit and more. Understanding and creating synergy between my training and applied fitness is why my system outlined below is effective for success.”


Who the Bobby Lashley Workout is for

“My workout routines can be adjusted for anyone,” explains Lashley. “I believe the most important part of a workout is intensity. I get so much out of the workouts because I push myself to the limits each time. The average person can take this blueprint and attack it because your intensity level will dictate the results.”, Lashley explains.

“Another big component of my training is yoga. I’d never want to be limited in my abilities because my size. With the proper training you can have a great physique and still be athletic.”

There in lies success for Bobby – finding the perfect symmetry between intensity, functionality and recuperation. Employ it by following the rules below and then take on the workout to kick your athletic abilities to their highest gear.


Bobby Lashleys keys to fighting success

1 Flexibility

It’s not just about strength when it comes to your shoulders. yoga gives bobby range of motion needed to put his power to practical use.


2 Core

Much of this workout will boost your body’s stability, meaning core strength with little equipment needed for some big benefits.


3 Keep moving

Staying light on your feet and keeping your cardio to a high standard is key to winning any fight. It’s not just about who punches hardest.


The Bobby Lashley Workout


Day 1
Squats5 x 5
Deadlift5, 5, 3, 2
Walking lunges3 x 12
Sled push 4 x 50 yards
Tabata Versa climber

Day 2
Pull ups100 total in sets of 5
Bent over rows3 x 12
Ball slams3 x 10
Rower sprints30s sprint/ 30s rest x 10


Day 4
Flat bench press10 x 10
Incline 1 arm incline press3 x 10
Pec deck flyes3 x 15
Dips3 x failure

Day 5
Thrusters3 x 12
Single arm shoulder press5 x 5
Lateral raises4 x 12
Hammer curl3 x 10
Straight bar curlclose, reg + wide grip x 10 each

Day 6Circuit style
Pull ups5
Push ups10
EMOM30 minutes
TGU50 - 100

Yoga two times per week

Cardio two mornings per week


Supplements to help dominate

“I train hard to the point where I deplete myself, so Nutrabolics Athletes Food is perfect for me,” explains Lashley. “It is a blend of proteins for muscle building, carbs for replenishing glucose, and micronutrients for supporting cell growth and health. Anabolic State BCAAs + HICA for recovery is a must. I also use Supernova for those gruelling training sessions and Hydropure for a late night protein top up.”