Club Med

Which weight loss tribe do you identify with most? If it’s a toss-up between the paleo, Med or fasting then there’s finally an unsullied verdict, claims research in >The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. They got 250 people to do them all and found all these diets will help you lose weight, but the Mediterranean diet was the most sustainable thanks to its high levels of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and limited amounts of animal protein. Fork out for an Italian cooking class and you’ll never be bored with the adventurous flavors that can fuel your weight loss.

Randomized Controlled Trial

Research rating: 4/6


Sell The Sizzle

We don’t mean to go on about it, but there’s another reason eating like a Mediterranean created the physiques of Greek gods: fat. A new paper in >The Journal of Urology compared the testosterone levels of those eating a low-fat diet against men eating a Med diet and discovered it was the latter who had the highest T counts. If you want to man up by gaining the kind of muscle that’ll put a flame thrower on your stored fat, then testosterone is the napalm in the canister that’ll do the job.

Randomized Controlled Trial

Research rating: 4/6



The lowered rate of body weight accumulated by rats when they ate a caffeine extract from mate tea compared to those fed decaffeinated mate tea. They were fed a high-fat, high-sugar diet so this could help offset some gains if you’re eating this way.

16% less weight is what they gained

40% fat, 45% carbs and 15% is what their diet looked like

Source: Journal of Functional Foods

Animal Research

Research rating: 2/6


Keep It Off

There are those who lose it for good and those who lose to regain – it’s the former’s habits you want to emulate. A new paper in the journal >Obesity looked at 4,786 people who had lost the weight and kept it off for more than three years and found these were the character traits for success.


Frequent healthy dietary choices

Regular self-monitoring

Development of psychological coping strategies

Willingness to ignore food cravings

Greater ability to form habits


Use it: If you try and fail then see what piece of the success-puzzle you are missing. Identify it, find out why and then adjust your actions so you’re always adopting these behavior patterns of success.