A healthy dose of culinary pain can lead to a lifelong reward

If you want to add some extra years to your lifespan – and who doesn’t? – then your chili needs to be bringing you out in break-up-levels of tears and the kind of sweats you get with interval training.


Well, a paper in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that by having at least one serve of this spice every day, you cut your risk of dying from a stroke by 61% and of getting a heart attack by 40%.

To reach this assumption, they looked at 22,000 Italian adults for eight years and those who snacked on chilies four times per week were 23% less likely to die young than those who avoided them.

You don’t have to assault your grill with organically grown pepper spray, just slowly ease yourself into higher doses each week. Pop it in soups, on eggs or on a sandwich to turn your mouth a hot bed of longevity.


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