Fit for the big screen – for Vladislav Khanis, fitness went from a necessity in his younger life to becoming the catalyst for living his dream. TRAIN asked Vlad, 19 quick-fire questions about how he went from fat to fit.


1 Vital stats

Weight: 227lbs
Bodyfat : 27%.


vadislav khanis before transformation


Weight 190-200lbs
Bodyfat: 10%


2 Wake up call

Growing up in an old-fashioned, immigrant family wasn’t easy on my body. Mom always fed us very well. I’d always be the last choice in gym class and friend-zoned by the girl I loved. I needed to change


3 My idol

My biggest motivation when I started and still remains is the late Greg Plitt. His photo on the cover of a fitness magazine 10 years ago made me want to transform.


4 Support network

I was criticized heavily by family and friends when I first told them I’d fly out for photo shoots and become a fitness model. They thought I was a dreamer but my support network is huge now.


vadislav khanis transformation pictures


5 Moving goalposts

Initially, I just wanted to lose excess weight, but in time, I loved it and wanted to increase mass then become a fitness model. I’ve achieved these goals and set new ones.


6 Training numbers

Generally, I work each body part twice weekly using 16 to 20 sets. For photo shoot prep, I’m in a calorie deficit and training goes from 1.5 hours, 4 times weekly to 2.5 hours, 6 times weekly.


7 Styled sessions

I like old school high volume training. Longer sessions work well for me and allow me to create the ideal aesthetic proportions that my job requires. I never neglect important core training either.


8 Days off

I’m originally from Ukraine and loved going to Sauna or as it’s called there, ‘Banya’. In New York, I still go regularly. It relaxes the muscles and lowers muscle-cannibalising, cortisol levels.


9 Diet needs

My diet changes according to my training requirements. I eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight and where possible I’ll substitute red meat and chicken for fish before photo shoots as it bloats me less and helps me look leaner.


vadislav khanis


10 Music motivation

During training sessions, I love listening to Linkin Park, Three Doors Down, Limp Bizkit, Eminem and Rammstein. It helps me focus and wires me up for difficult training sessions.


11 Breakfast

Two whole boiled eggs, one piece of whole-wheat toast with turkey, whole tomato and a cup of green tea. A few small squares of dark chocolate too.


12 Pre-workout supplements

Before training, I like to have one scoop of MHP Probolic SR protein and a scoop of pre-workout. These products help me stay focused and energized for training.


13 Post-workout food

This is my vital post-workout meal. I have baked or sweet potatoes with grilled chicken, skirt steak with brown rice or bison meat with shepherd salad and a cup of green tea.


14 Food for thought

Over the years of learning and trying things out, I learned what works for my body. I understand that everyone is different and what works for me might not for someone else.


15 Gym split

Monday Legs

Tuesday Chest, front and mid-delts

Wednesday Back, rear delts and traps

Thursday – REST

Friday Arms

Abs every workout

HIIT cardio every session.


16 Rewarding work

I love to eat and NYC is full of amazing restaurants. Growing up in Brooklyn, I always loved delicious NY Pizza. My favorite restaurant is Totonno’s where you’re treated like family.


17 Quotes to live by

“Strong people don’t put others down, they lift em up”

“From a fat kid to an internationally published fitness model and actor, never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough”.


18 Life upgrade

It gives me peace of mind, keeps me disciplined and focused in life, completely changing my life for the better. From a hobby, it became a job I love


19 Future ambitions

Becoming an actor in action movies. It’s been a childhood dream and I’m working on this goal as hard as I did my fitness. I take classes and started filming for a TV series picked up by NBC.


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