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Luis Perez’s athletic journey was not what you’d expect from a freshly signed NFL player. Here’s his transformation of body and mind to become a pro with a truly inspirational backstory.


Football metrics

40-yard dash: 5.09
Vertical jump: 30”
3-cone drill: 7.41
20-yard shuttle: 4.51


Ten-pin passion

I was such a competitive bowler that before the age of 21 I’d bowled 12 perfect games. I was one of the best youth bowlers in the country. I dabbled in other sports, but my focus was always the pins.


Slow start

In my high school senior year, having never played football I thought I’d try out for the team. I didn’t play quarterback, I played receiver and it wasn’t as if I was really lighting it up.


Last pick

I received no major or minor college offers so I went to Southwestern College and when I got on campus I was ranked number nine out of a total of nine quarterbacks.


From last to first

With dedication, I eventually catapulted over those other eight people and got the top job and became progressively better.


Making progress

After two years I transferred to to Texas A&M University-Commerce, a Division II school where I wasn’t even the starting quarter back but with hard work I began to make that happen.


Getting there

In my final season I threw 5,000 yards, hit 57 touch downs and completed 71% of my passes. I even managed to win the Harlon Hill Trophy, which is the Division II version of the Heisman Trophy.


Against the best

Despite my success, I knew I would have to work harder than ever to make it to the next level. I needed to prepare my body to be competitive with the top 1% of athletes in the world.


No distractions

I’d never trained this hard and this consistently in my life. As a college student, there were many distractions but now that I was focusing on taking my body to a whole new level on a full-time basis, I knew I needed to do some things I’ve never done, to achieve results like never before.


Aiming for the NFL

When I arrived in New Jersey and met with the coaches at TEST Football Academy, they introduced me to a line of supplements that included a minimum of 6.4g of CarnoSyn® daily.


Tackling nutrition

TEST Football Academy used a meal prep company tailored to meet my goals. We kept track of my nutrients and hydration levels and varied my calorie intake daily to match those I was burning.


CarnoSyn® = No.1

I’ve taken many supplements and CarnoSyn® is by far the best. When you can get 8 reps instead of 5 that’s an edge and one of the main reasons I stick with CarnoSyn®.


Dreams come true

I recently signed with with the LA Rams and being in the NFL has been a dream come true. Being around all these incredible football minds has opened my eyes.


My NFL Combine training schedule at TEST Football Academy

9-11am: Linear speed training
11-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Lifting
3:30-5pm: Positionals

9-11am: Multi-directional speed
11-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Lifting
3:30-5pm: Regen

9-11am: Flexibility
11-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Regen Pilates and yoga
3:30-5pm: Film review

9-11am: Linear speed training
11-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Lifting
3:30-5pm: Positionals

9-11am: Multi-directional speed
11-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Lifting
3:30-5pm: Regen

7-8am: Conditioning session

2-4pm: Chalk talk


Deeds not words

Having teammates who are grown men has changed things. Respect is earned through actions, not words, especially from the veterans on the team. We’re all united with one goal in common: winning.


Learning curve

I consider this entire experience a huge learning process. I’m grateful I’ve had my wife’s love and support since we met in 7th grade and for my college coaches at Texas A&M Commerce.


Work smarter and harder

The formula for success never changes. Working smarter and harder than the competition day in and day out is the plan. Eventually it will pay off, but for now I’m looking forward to continuing to earn my place on an active NFL roster.


• Age: 24
• Height: 6’3
• Weight: 227lb
• Body fat: 17%

5 weeks after
• Weight: 220lb
• Body fat: 12%

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