Steve’s bad lifestyle choices slowly crept up on him until he discovered the gym. After completing the London Marathon and becoming an actor, those days are long forgotten.


Height: 5’10

Age: 27
Weight: 221lbs
Body fat: 37%

After: 33
Weight: 165lbs
Body fat: 9%


steve paten before transformation picture



1 The moment

Hitting my top weight made me realize I needed to hit the gym for my health and, I’m not going to lie, I wanted to look better like most people going to the gym.

2 Outer-gym gains

I came out of my shell as soon as I started seeing results from the gym. Training and achieving goals gave me the confidence to get into acting. I’ve been in feature films because of it.

3 Besides lifting

Outside of lifting, I enjoy video-gaming and spending time with my family. I love trying new cuisines with my fiance and two boys. I think it’s important to have hobbies outside of gym

4 Aesthetic Journey

I just want to maintain an aesthetic looking physique. My training and diet is geared towards keeping me fueled and never letting myself get in the condition I was in before.


steve paten after running the london marathon


5 Team Patten

My family – parents, fiance and two boys are always there to pick me up. They give me all the support, love and motivation I need.

6 Rest days

I make the most of my rest days doing all of the other things I enjoy. Spending time with friends, family or taking it easy with a video game. De-stressing for me is important for recovery.

7 Counting macros

When I really want to dial myself in, I’ll track macros and calories as it’s the most accurate way to know what you’re eating and manipulate your diet. Otherwise I eat intuitively

8 The figures

I like to be in and out, so I weight train for 45-60 minutes, 5 days a week and then do HIIT cardio post-workout on two of those days using treadmill hill sprints.

9 Musical lifts

My go-to playlist is ridiculously varied. I’ll go from Migos all the way to Justin Bieber and Nickelback (don’t judge me)


Steve paten transformation after picture


10 The routine

Monday- Back and biceps
Tuesday- Chest and triceps
Wednesday- rest
Thursday- Shoulders and legs
Friday- Full body workout
Saturday- Weak body parts training
Sunday- rest
2 x days – HIIT hill sprints 15 minutes 1:1 ratio of work and recovery

11 Running on empty

I’m starving at breakfast. A couple of slices of brown toast, 3 whole eggs and a bowl of Weetabix usually holds my hunger down until late lunchtime.

12 Pre and post helpers

Dymatize Pre W.O – 1 scoop pre-workout
I love this pre because it’s one of the few that use scientific doses of citrulline malate and beta-alanine. Gives me a crazy pump.

Dymatize 100% Elite Whey – 1 scoop post workout
I use this for muscle recovery post-workout, but also if I miss a meal.

Omega 3 fish oils

13 Bedtime munch

Just before bed I’ll have a thick Greek yogurt which works for two things; it keeps me feeling fuller and also the casein in yogurt slowly releases protein to my muscles overnight

14 Staple foods

I love flexibility in my diet. It keeps this fun for me and therefore I don’t really have many staple foods. Lean meats for protein. Rice, potatoes, and veg for quality carbs, with fish and olive/coconut oils for fats.

15 Future aims

I just want to continue chiseling out a quality physique. I don’t need to be the biggest guy – I would rather a balanced physique that inspires people. I love new challenges too. I complete the London Marathon a few years ago.

16 Quotes I live by

“Why have you not broken from the pack? You’re playing it safe. Safe ain’t gonna get you sh!t in this world” – Stone Cold Steve Austin
“Looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything” – Thomas Chamberlain


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