Ricky Leport had tried to get lean yet failed initially. But he tackled it properly the second time and achieved outstanding results

Vital Stats


Age: 39

Height: 5’11

Weight 280 lb


Age: 40

Weight 182lb

Body fat 5%


Time To Change

The first time I started dieting and weight training was back in 2014 when I weighed about 280lb and had problems keeping my blood pressure at a regular level. I started crash dieting and then added weight training once the weight was off. I did achieve results, but my body composition was nowhere near where I wanted it to be because I still retained all the hanging skin and skinny fat look. This was somewhat disheartening, so I ended up giving up and going back to my old ways and getting back up to my former 280lb weight. It was at this point that I chose to do it the right way and started a nutrition and training plan with Nathan Smart and the results speak for themselves. It was my goal to compete in men’s physique at Pure Elite Fitness Annual Muscle Competition.


First Steps

To begin with, I followed a very well-structured diet and training plan and trained five days a week, all weights sessions no cardio. Next, I added cardio when weight loss started to plateau which gradually increased my fat loss along the journey.


Initial Struggles

The main difficulty I found was incorporating a well-structured diet plan into my lifestyle. But by keeping all my food prepared in advance and a detailed diet plan from my coach Nathan Smart, we made this achievable. Second was fitting in the training sessions around my shift patterns. I also found that sticking religiously to a training and diet plan while living a normal life with a family is very hard work, but having a goal in mind is the only way to push through these obstacles. Staying on track while attending social events was also extremely hard but prepping food in advance or making sure to always choose the healthy option that’s as close to the diet plan was the key to overcoming these limits.


Supplement Help

On a daily basis, I take 1 scoop of Nutrigreens drink, 2 x omega-3 tables, 1 multi vitamin, 1g vitamin C, 1 x vitamin D3 and 1 x vitamin B complex. I used these to keep up all my vitamin intake while dieting. What’s more, I have whey protein shakes during the days listed on my diet plan. Some days I will use them as a pre workout and during workouts have BCAAs in my water. The whey protein helps repair and grow the muscles and the pre work out and BCAAs help with the sessions when I’m tired but still need to fit in the training.


My Diet Plan

MEAL 1: 4 Weetabix made with 30g of vanilla whey protein or two crumpets with 60g of reduced sugar jam and 30g whey protein

MEAL 2: 150g chicken half bag of microwave rice and green vegetables

MEAL 3: Pre-workout meal –  60g oats, 25g whey protein, 100g banana, 25g peanut butter

MEAL 4: 150g chicken or turkey breast mince, 2 Weight Watchers wraps with salad

MEAL 5: 150g rump steak, 250g sweet potato with green vegetables

MEAL 6: 80g Coco Pops and 25g whey protein


Weekly Split

Monday – shoulders and biceps

Tuesday – quads and calves

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – chest and triceps

Friday – hamstrings and calves

Saturday – back and biceps

Sunday – rest day

Ab Training – 3 times a week

4 x 20 – hanging knee raises 4 x 20 – decline leg raises 4 x 20 – ab wheel

4 x 1 min – plank



15mins steady pace cardio on treadmill or elliptical trainer after each gym session but upped this closer to competition time.


My Workout

Day 1: Shoulders and biceps

Superset 1 (3×15)

Seated side lateral raises

Standing bar front raises


Superset 2 (3×15)

Cable rope Front raises

Lean away side lateral raises


Superset 3

Standing military press  (4×8)

Seated Smith machine shoulder press (3×10)


Superset 4 (5×20)

Dumbbell shrugs

Rear delt pec dec

Bicep cable curls with straight bar (3×15)

Preacher curl (3×10)

Dumbbell hammer curls drop sets (3×20)


Day 2: Quads and calves

Back squats (4×10)

Leg press (4×20)

Walking lunges (4×20)

Triple drop set leg extensions (4×15)

Seated calf raises (5×10)

Calf raises on leg press (5×10)

Stiff leg deadlifts full extension (3×20)

Stiff leg deadlifts half range (just below knee) (4×6)

Leg press (feet wide apart) (4×10)

Hamstring leg curl (3×20)

Seated calf raises (5×10)

Calf raises on leg press (5×10)


Day 3: Chest and triceps

Flat-bench press (4×10)

Incline dumbbell press (3×10)

Incline dumbbell flys (3×12)

Seated cable flys (3×15)


Superset 1 (3 x Failure)

Chest dips

Push-ups (feet on a bench)

Tricep extensions with rope (3×20)

Close grip bench press (4×10)

Superset 2 (4 x 10)

EZ bar skull crushers

Diamond push-ups – failure


Day 4: Back and biceps

Bent over barbell row (3×10)

Bent over barbell row reverse grip (3×10)

T bar row (4×8)


Superset 1 (3 x 15)

Wide grip lat pull-down

Close grip lat pull-down


Superset 2 (3 x 10)

Standing lat pull-downs with rope

Wide grip pull-ups

Hammers with cable rope (3×20)

Seated dumbbell bicep curls (3×12)

Standing EZ bar bicep curls (3×10)


Advice to Others

Don’t give up. You will achieve the body you want as long as you stick to a diet and training plan and keep your mind set on your goal. Mine was to compete in a body building show. It may take time but it will be worth all the effort in the end. Remember good things come to those who wait. Moving forward I really want to try and keep as lean as I can and try to lean bulk in the winter time maybe. I don’t want to get too big, just add a little more muscle density and size ready to compete again in the following year.


This article originally featured in TRAIN issue 89. You can get a free subcription by clicking here.