Rick Bhullar’s career path was set, but his passion for dance led to him grooving with the stars and being introduced to another love; fitness…


• Age: 18
• Height: 5’9
• Weight: 154lbs • Bodyfat: 12%

• Age: 33
• Height: 5’9
• Weight: 174lbs • Bodyfat: 11%


rick bhullar transformation


Getting in the gym groove

My entire life I’d always been extremely skinny as a natural ectomorph.

At 16-years old I started attending street dance classes as a hobby. I really applied myself and it became more than just a hobby for me – it became a passion.

So much so, that after three years of studying web design at university, I decided to pursue my dream as a dancer.

I soon realized that I needed to get serious about the gym because a professional dancer needs to be in shape 365 days per year, so I began focusing on muscle-building training and nutrition.

My only resource was fitness magazines and the goal was to look like the guys on the cover.


rick bhullar transformation


From the gym to going pro as a dancer

Applying myself to both dance and the gym enabled me to become a professional dancer.

I worked with artists such as Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland, Take That, Snoop Dogg and many others in music videos, tours and TV performances.

Eventually, I retired as a dancer and became a full-time trainer.

I now live in Dubai where I run my own personal training and boot camp business.


Eating for a successful body transformation and performance

I tend to follow a flexible dieting protocol with a macro ratio of 40% protein, 30% carbs, 30% fats.

I’m not a big eater and much prefer having one or two larger calorie-packed meals than multiple meals throughout the day.

My daily goal is to hit my protein (around 200g) and my calories (around 3000).

My remaining calories are split between my fats and carbs.

This approach allows me to maintain my nutrition all year round without it taking over my life.

Using MyFitnessPal really allows you to maintain results while not sacrificing quality of life.


Breakfast means business

My usual breakfast is overnight oats, consisting of oats, Greek yogurt, whey protein, almonds, walnuts and blueberries.


Rick Bhullar’s training split for gains

My current routine is a five-day split.

I tend to do two warm-up sets ranging from 15-30 reps, then four working sets ranging from 10-12 reps.


Monday – Chest, triceps, calves

• Unilateral dumbbell chest press x 4 sets
• Incline dumbbell press x 4 sets
• Low cable chest flyes x 4 sets
• Superset incline cable chest press x 15 reps
• Bodyweight dips x 4 sets (30, 25, 20, 15 reps)
• Tricep pushups x 3 sets • Superset seated calf raise x 3 sets
• Overhead tricep extension
• Superset standing calf raise x 3 sets


Tuesday – Back, biceps, abs

• Close grip pullups x 3 sets (15, 8, 6 reps)
• Bent over rows x 4 sets • Wide grip lat pulldown x 4 sets
• Straight arm pulldown x 4 sets
• Barbell curl x 3 sets Incline dumbbell curl x 3 sets
• Overhead cable curl x 3 sets
• Roman chair leg raises x 5 sets of 25 reps


Wednesday – Rest


Thursday – Shoulders, calves

• Various rotator cuff warm-up exercises for 5 mins
• Dumbbell shoulder press x 4 sets
• Superset lateral raises x 30 reps
• Dumbbell front raise x 4 sets
• Superset reverse dumbbell flye
• Standing kettlebell shoulder press x 4 sets
• Superset cable face pulls
• Seated calf raise on leg extension x 3 sets
• Standing calve raise x 3 sets


Friday – Legs, abs

• Barbell squat x 5 sets
• Hamstring curl x 4 sets
• Leg extensions x 4 sets
• Romanian deadlift x 4 sets
• Ab routine, 30 secs per exercise x 3 sets
• Crunches
• V situps
• Side jackknife right
• Side jackknife left
• Russian Twists


Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Skipping + stretch
• 45 seconds / 15 second rest x 20 rounds
• Rounds 1-10, I focus on one skipping movement per minute.
• Rounds 11-20, I freestyle combos


Stretching out the injuries

I neglected stretching until I really started accumulating injuries.

I found including stretches between sets meant I could include an entire stretch routine with no added gym time.


Rick’s most valuable advice

My main philosophy when training is to listen to my body whether it’s training or resting.

If I’m getting a really great workout from one exercise, I may add in a few more sets to really increase the intensity.

I regularly book in sports massages to help iron my body out too.


Supplements for success

• Whey protein – 1-2 shakes per day to helps me hit my daily protein goal
• Creatine – 5g per day to aid recovery and strength
• Omega 3 fish oil – 800mg per day, reduces inflammation
• Multivitamin – 1 per day
• Pre-workout – Once or twice per week on particular training days


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