Samsul Annuar needed to juggle the demands of his home and work life with transforming his body. This is how he succeeded on every front with the Team TRAIN community.


It all began when I was searching for a Chris Hemsworth workout which I found on the TRAIN website. This included a 5-day workout routine to build muscle and got me eager to find out more. I decided to have a go and found I could transform myself. At the beginning I started really slowly because I didn’t know much about the correct way of doing things, what supplements to use and what foods to eat.

After a month, I was going to quit the routine workout because I was doing everything alone, without any guidance, but my wife asked why my T-shirts were getting tiny. Then my friends asked what happened to me and the comments just kept on coming.

From there I realized that something did change, so I continued with the workout but did more research on how to do everything the right way.


I’m currently working as a full-time instructor teaching various courses, but this means training can be quite hard because I don’t have much time. To find time for a workout, I decided to skip lunch and head to The Dens gym during my lunch time. During weekends I will head down early at 7am in the morning until 8am. That way I can balance my time for the family, work and workout routine.

I can say my limit is time. Time is gold, time is precious, so everything will go smoothly if you arrange your plan accordingly. However, after the pandemic started, everything changed. The gym was closed, so I decided to purchase gym equipment to work out at home. I knew that if I stopped during that time, I’d be back into my previous habits of sitting down eating nachos, drinking soft drinks and watching Netflix.

My other limiting factor was my right elbow which developed what some call golfer’s elbow, which limited my ability to train. After the pandemic eased, I went down to rehab and I’m thankful because they got it sorted out and after few days I was able to do my normal lifting again and I joined Shred 30.


I choose to focus on my short and long-term goals. For the next six months I aim to lose 6% of my body fat and for the next 12 months I aim
to lose 12% of my body fat. To achieve this, I do monthly weigh-ins to see the difference. If I am not on track to meet a short-term goal, then
I know I need to make some adjustments to get back on track. It can be something as simple as taking a peek at my diet and making some minor changes, or maybe adding a little bit more cardio to my regimen to burn more calories.


Results are not always easy in life. It can be very difficult sometimes and sooner or later you may experience something really unexpected.

Whatever this may be, don’t be afraid of failure, there is always a solution and this is the way to succeed.


I got really great value from intermittent fasting which really helped my diet. And, when I needed to do a quick workout, I loved doing the Australian pull-ups and close grip chin-ups which you can do on any railing.

During the times when I didn’t have weights or dumbbells, I also used a bucket to do a bucket row where I loaded it up with water. Also, when it comes to doing a chest workout, if you have stairs they might come in handy because I used them to do both incline and decline push-ups.

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