Chris Cavallini is a pioneer in the fitness and mental toughness industry. He had humble beginnings as he was arrested 17 times before his 18th birthday. But he has an incredible comeback story and is now the the CEO of Nutrition Solutions, a multi-time Forbes-featured company which has helped tens of thousands of people transform their bodies by changing their eating habits.

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris to learn more about the process he follows to set his days, weeks, months and years up for continued success. Here are his top 10 tips that can help you consistently become more productive, efficient, effective, fitter, healthier and better!

Plan For Tomorrow

The night before, write (as in not just plan in your head) a list of 3-4 critical tasks that you need to get done the next day. Make sure each task is of high value, asking yourself as you write it, “Will this move me closer to my long-term goal?” This will strategically set up your days for success and move you closer to your goals every day. Results may not be instant, (like anything else) but you’ll “feel” instantly more organized, prepared, in control and less stressed!

Lay Out Tomorrow’s Clothes

Having your work and exercise gear ready the night before optimizes your day before it even starts. A good rule of thumb is to always dress one level above what’s required. That’s a good opportunity to separate yourself from the herd. When you look good, you feel good – and the better you feel, the better you’ll perform throughout the day.

Prep Your Food

The food that enters your body is an investment, not an expense. Instead of telling yourself that “it costs too much”, whether in time, money or energy, start asking yourself what it’s going to cost if you don’t make good choices with the foods you eat every day. Going into each day prepared is critical in order to look, feel and perform our best. Make sure you have your next day’s meals ready to go the night before.

Write Your Goals Down Daily

It’s pretty easy to go nowhere when you don’t have a plan. Create huge goals for yourself personally, professionally and with your fitness. Write them down every day! When goals are just in your head, they’re not real. Writing them out gives them power and activates the law of attraction.

Have Better Sleeping Habits

Avoiding screens that omit blue light (TV, cell phones, laptops etc) before bedtime helps your brain better prepare for sleep and makes falling asleep effortless. Instead of watching TV or staring at your phone until you pass out, turn off the TV and your phone one hour before bed. In that time close your eyes, relax and visualize all the finer details of what your life will look like once you accomplish your goals. See what you will see then, feel what you will feel then. This has incredible manifestation benefits and will significantly improve the quality of your sleep!

Wake Up, Be Grateful

Purposefully think about everything that you’re thankful for, (which is so much) as soon as you open your eyes every morning. And always be appreciative that you’re alive and healthy enough for the opportunity to go exercise that day. Any problems you have going on, be grateful for the opportunity to figure out a solution, learn and get better from the experience! Gratitude is the antidote to every negative emotion known to man.

NEVER Hit the Snooze Button!

When your alarm sounds, it represents the first opportunity of the day to register a win or a loss – whichever it is, that momentum carries with you that entire day. Never start your day with a loss, which is what happens when you make the choice to hit snooze! You set your alarm for the time you did for a reason and have a responsibility to honor your word.

Invest one Hour a day Getting Better

Allocate an hour to personal development daily. mandatorily. This isn’t something you do once in a while, or “if you have time” or once everything else is done. This needs to be prioritized as the most important work of your life and what you most look forward to each day!

You can read a book, listen to a podcast or watch an educational YouTube video! The average person works 40 hours a week and –respectfully – that’s why they stay average. The only way your life will get better is if you get better. That’s what personal development does. It makes you better . . . but only when you make it part of your lifestyle and not just something you do some times. Doing it in the morning is ideal when possible because it will instill a positive attitude in you to start the day, as well as give you plenty of time to apply the knowledge you’ve just consumed.

Exercise In the Morning

Exercising in the morning has benefits far from just the physical – the endorphins that your brain releases during exercise prime you to reach a peak mental state to where you will feel more energized, focused, less stressed and overall in a better mood to kick a$$ everyday!

Get to Work 15 Minutes Early

If you’re in a workplace environment where you’re competing with other people, this gives you a tactical advantage over everyone else. It shows others you’re committed, have high standards and also gives you some time to prepare yourself for the battle of the daily grind ahead!

Where To Start…

These rules have helped me go from being a drug-dealing loser with no future to the CEO of one of the hottest, fastest- growing companies in the US and host of a top-ranked personal development podcast. I have the ultimate perspective on how impactful they are, because I’ve spent most of my life not doing them, so can easily recognize the positive changes they’ve brought into my life. Start with doing one of them, just one! Make it part of your daily routine and once you master it, bring in one more. Repeat until it all becomes second nature and part of your normal routine.

If you want to absolutely dominate in life and be the strongest, fittest, healthiest, smartest, most confident version of you, you have to constantly seek outlets to improve. In order to make progress we have to be disciplined and frequently step out of our comfort zone. Discipline is the art of doing the things you hate, but doing them anyway as if you actually love doing them.

Change is hard, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Don’t fall victim to your feelings when things get hard. Embrace the discomfort and learn to act inspite of it.

Implement these action points for a month consistently and you’ll be hooked. GUARANTEED!

Get More to Be More

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