Kiran Anugula had lifted for a long time but not enjoyed the results he’d expected until he decided to tweak his efforts toward greater success.


Vital Stats


Age: 32

Weight: 175lb

Height: 5’10

Body fat: 14%

Duration: 4 weeks



Duration: 4 weeks

Weight: 150lb

Body fat: 7%


AHA Moment

I have always wanted to have a great body and have been in to training since 2012, but have never seen any significant results. In 2016 I learned that the key to gaining muscle was eating the right kind of calories. It was at this time that I can came across Wittig Works through Instagram and was inspired by his everyday day videos and posts about weight-lifting and nutrition. I tried a few of his routines and really began to see significant results to the point where I dropped 4% body fat and could see my abs for the very first time.


Overcoming Challenges

Getting the right knowledge about exercise health fitness has been a huge obstacle. There is a lot of information online, so I was in a situation where I wasn’t sure what or what not to believe. Fortunately, I found the right path from an expert and was so blessed to be around the correct type of social media so I could get all the right knowledge. I finally incorporated it into my daily life took my physique to a great level and achieved a great health and body.


Food Corrections

My passion is my career because I’m a chef which I love. This means I’m around food a lot in my daily life but have always lacked the necessary knowledge about calories and the impact they have on your physique and performance. When I discovered consuming the right foods created serious results then I began to see serious improvements in a very short time. I have been eating right number of calories and for the past four years have been more focused on eating the right kind of macros to support my goals. It’s really been amazing what food does to your body because it’s the key for being healthy and fit.


Correct Steps

I like to learn as much as possible and am obsessed with creating notes for success. Trying someone else’s routine was a game changer for me because it gave me a vision about what I wanted. Having a plan and an end goal was crucial because it helped to modify all my variable such as movements, nutrition, hydration and sleep patterns.


My Diet Breakdown

Protein: 1.5 grams per pound of body weight

Carbs: Low Off day: 0.75g, Med: 1.0g, High: 1.30g

Fats: 0.25


Monday: Medium Carbs

Tuesday: High Carbs

Wednesday: Medium Carbs

Thursday: Medium Carbs

Friday: Medium Carbs

Saturday: High Carbs

Sunday: Low Off


Nutritional breakdown

8 am: 18 oz of water, whey protein, glutamine, BCAA

9 am: 1/2 cup Kodiak cakes, 32g peanut butter

9:30am: Pre-workout, creatine


12pm: Post-workout recovery shake

1pm: 1 scoop whey, 1/2 cup mixed berries, sprinkle some spinach and kale, 1/2 cup oats into a smoothie.

4:30pm: 6 oz chicken or turkey with 1.5 cup of mixed veggies 1/2 cup of brown rice

7:30pm: 1 cup non-fat Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup walnuts

10pm: 6 oz fish, green salad dressed with lemon and vinegar or 1.5 mix veggies

12:00am: 1 scoop of casein


My Training Plan

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Back and Biceps

Wednesday: Cardio and Abs

Thursday: Shoulders and HIIT

Friday: Chest and Triceps

Saturday: home HIIT and Abs

Sunday: Off


Advice To Others

I suggest that the first point in your journey is to fix your nutrition and focus on your macro nutrient needs. Next, make sure you hydrate correctly and use a program from a reputable trainer.  Doing all of this in that order, really helped me change my life and results. You should also think about surrounding yourself with people who are

already into the health and wellness lifestyle. They will help you become focused, stay consistent and learn from your mistakes. Most of all, make sure you have fun with everything you do, or you won’t be inspired to keep at it.


Future Plans

I have a great passion for health and fitness, which has become part of my lifestyle so it will never change. This means I’m always working on ways to level up, while staying consistent, dedicated and motivated.