My training is extremely varied and super intense. Having been an avid sportsman from a young age, I’ve amalgamated different training techniques from each sport that I believe can put my body in all-round peak condition, ready to handle any task at any moment. Before pushing into the endurance game, my training would consist on powering up my VO2 max levels – sprints and high powered plyometrics, to keep the body agile and explosive. Weights are a huge part of my training, but I focus mainly on compound movements, lift heavy and super set with a body weight exercise. So, for example, a heavy set of weighted squats, 10 reps then supersetted with 20 tuck jumps. This kind of training gives you ultimate strength but also keeps you lean and hard. My training is not geared towards looking and sweet and sexy in the mirror! It’s for people who truly want to empower themselves from within. If you were to ask me what my all-round favorite exercise was right now, I’d have to say the prowler/sledge. I whack on 75kg and just go for an hour non-stop –  pure endurance. It certainly tests your will to carry on, and that’s the kind of resilience your body and mind needs out in the abyss cracking an ultra-marathon.



For me, the motivation to carry on and to win comes from the fear of quitting and allowing weakness to set in. That option doesn’t exist in my mind. I thrive on the pain of every challenge I encounter, because it’s that pain that strengthens the mind. Every time you don’t succumb to the physical whims of hurt and agony, that helps you progress that bit further to becoming a champion.



I feel blessed to have the mindset to achieve the body I want. My mission and passion is to use these tools to their fullest, in a hope to inspire others for better. We all have a hidden power; it’s time that we start believing in ourselves and unleash what’s locked away.



I tend to do intermittent fasting, but that’s just the way I’ve always eaten. I stick by one rule the best I can, and that’s eating good, clean, organic produce. You will not see Dave McIntosh cramming down a Birdseye frozen chicken tikka! My diet has minimal carbs – I gain the power I need from animal fats. My number one secret to staying lean, mean and clean is beetroot.  Blend up some organic, uncooked beetroot with some frozen forest fruits, apple juice and few inches of raw ginger. You will be the champion of champions in no time. While running the Desert Ultra, my special weapon was this bad boy: peanut butter, manuka honey and Himalayan salt, all mixed together in a bag. Forget your expensive protein/energy bars – this is the boost a warrior needs to crack on.


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