Wireless earphones are a necessity but if you don’t like to mess about with two separate phones these are the best wrap-arounds for the exercise lover.

Counter position

Blaring headphones can be a bit like smoking – addictive but far from good for you.  A paper in >Ear and Hearing found you crank your volume louder with ear buds than you do with other styles of headphones. Aside from mutilating your acoustics, if you exercise a little self-restraint then single ear phones are the way forward, not those that have any form of wire, especially not one that may skip tracks when you’re repping behind-the-neck shoulder presses.


New science

If you’ve always trained with music then new phones are unlikely to move the needle of your performance. However, if you’ve unplugged for an extended period of time, there are gains on the table. A 2019 study in the journal >Psychology of Sport and Exercise found people who exercised to upbeat music found tough workouts a little easier – nothing new there geniuses – but the effect was more pronounced in people who weren’t sufficiently active. So if you’re unfit, then upgrading your phones will get you through that first brutal month when you’re mounting your comeback.


Adidas FWD-01 In Ear headphones

adidas fwd-01 in ear headphones

Those unobtrusive truly wireless headphones might look like cute little black peanuts that slot neatly into your jam holes, but they’re so ninja people may risk talking to you while you’re listening up. These Bluetooth in-ear headphones remedy this by giving the world a signal that you’re tuning out. Made by active wear specialists they’re versatile and seamless enough for both the gym and the streets.

You’ll get up to 16-hours playtime with auto-pause, passive transparency and super-fast USB-C charging. They’re also made to measure and give you interchangeable ear tips and wings for a perfect fit. Since they’re designed for the active guy they’re completely sweat proof, have a tangle free cord and are magnetic for round the neck storage. Wearing your phones like a necklace is still the smartest way to make sure you don’t lose them and you’ll enjoy training with these for years.


Sporty Wraps

Sony WI-SP500 Sports In-ear Headphones

sony wi-sp500 sports on ear headphones

Comfy, secure and sweat proof – these are designed for the man who likes to get stinky, but only eight hours at a time because that’s all the battery you’ll get so steer clear if you’re an ultra-marathoner.


Value Beats

Optoma Nuforce Be Sport4

optoma nuforce be sport4

They’re secure yet don’t feel concreted in which means they’re ideal for blocking out your gym’s painful soundtracks.


Ambient Noise Lovers

Urbanears Stadion

urbanears stadion

If you like running and hearing if there’s a mugger hot on your trail these let in just enough outside world murmurs to keep you safe, while keeping your head jamming to your beats.


Bose Be Cheap

Bose Soundsport Wireless

bose soundsport wireless

Bose are the best right? But you pay big, especially for the little ones but these offer all that killer sound at a fraction of the costs while maximizing sound quality.