Anthony Tumminello is the owner of Official Method Training who had decades of experience as the man behind the muscles. However, his physique is something that sets him apart. Here’s how he stands out from the rest.

Anthony takes people who are lacking in self-confidence and at times even depressed and transforms them into self assured, healthy and happy individuals. With this life-changing talent at his fingertips, this is not a process he takes lightly because he employs all the skills he acquired through his exercise science degree and blends them with the latest research to create routines that are uniquely effective at achieving world-class results. He uses all his faculties as an elite personal trainer, strength coach, and nutritionist to create a career that’s transformed all types of individuals, from youth through professional level athletes, including competitors, fitness models and bodybuilders. He has helped thousands reach their goals of optimal weight loss, physical rehabilitation and overall health through his unique training techniques and nutrition strategies that have received worldwide recognition. But why the name Method Training? Stick to the dictionary derived definition and it fits beautifully with his exercise ethos, but on a personal level when he first started studying exercise, Wu Tang Clan was his ultimate band and Method Man was his favorite rapper. This offers you an insight into his overwhelming passion for his work, learning and appetite to help people. If you’re after new information from a trainer with more qualifications than any we’ve encountered, then keep reading to find out how his advice will forever change the way you eat, lift and think about exercise.


Invest In Your Life

It’s easy to imagine you’re so far in the wrong direction that change is impossible, but Tumminello has the answer to this attitude. “This is not a pipe dream – transforming yourself is a reality based on hard work,” he says. “It’s my job to monitor the work you’re putting in because without looking and feeling good, it will affect your entire life, psychology and relationships. If you’re not confident it will negatively impact all of your life. A lot of trainers think this is an easy job and that’s why many of them don’t last whereas I’ve been doing this for 20 years. If I don’t have a physique that looks at the top of my game, how can I tell a fitness model or athlete how to train?” Consider his words sage advice because he sets the standards to which you should hold your fitness professional.


The Science of Online Business

Tumminello’s online business is a one of a kind because he brings something special. “We have programs for beginners and advanced routines,” he says. “I’ve used my scientific knowledge and experience to create a system that works for everyone based on the questionnaire that participants fill out. I try to make it as individualized as possible so everyone can benefit. The nutrition aspect of the course gives you a template of macro nutrient choices that will best support your goals. It’s these choices, options and recommendations that teaches you how to eat healthily basing your calories on your activity level. We have a support system where every question will be answered by a human being who has successfully been through the program.”



Anthony swears by GAT supplements and uses the following products

Nitraflex pre-workout

This provides a euphoric feel while you are training without a jittery feeling.  It has become hands-down, the best pre-workout out there for the past 15 years and a product that has set the bar in the industry. There is no substitute.


Flex BCAAs

He mixes two scoops into a gallon of water and sips it throughout the day for optimum protein synthesis.


Optimize Your Results

Anthony’s decades of knowledge and experience have taught him some truths that you can apply to your own routines


Muscle Building

“The wheel has already been invented so there is no need to reinvent it,” explains Tumminello. “Your basic compound muscle building exercises are still the best way to build hypertrophy hands down with optimal rest periods in between sets (two minutes).  I recommend walking around in between sets so lactic acid does not build up. Remember, a build-up of lactic acid will halt your muscles from performing the exercise. So keep moving and you’ll be stronger.”


Fat Burning

“For the best results I recommend fasted low-intensity morning cardio on weight training days,” explains Tumminello. “When you perform fasted cardio, you are literally using fat for fuel to power your aerobic workout. On non-weight training days for active recovery, I recommend high-intensity interval training. HIIT is beneficial on non-weight training days because you are on a lower calorie regimen. I have proven this is optimal for fat burning with countless clients.”



“It’s important to know the difference between actual hunger and cravings,” he says. “Hunger is your body telling you that you >need to eat for fuel.  A craving is your brain telling you that you >want something whether it is salty, sweet or whatever. If a craving is taking over your life, there is always a healthy alternative you can choose. For instance, if you are craving salty, then cucumbers with salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil would fight that craving while still being low glycemic.”



“One of the keys to success to is make sure you’re coachable to the point where you brainwash yourself into adapting your coach’s program and nothing else,” he explains. “When working with a fitness professional, there must be an honest, open communication based on what you are doing fitness-wise and nutrition-wise on a daily basis. It’s important never to lie to yourself.


High Intensity V-shape

If you’re chasing that classical cobra shape then use Anthony’s high volume and even higher intensity plan to blow up your deltoids.


  1. Warm-up 1 set of 10-15 lateral and front raises performed together with 5lb dumbbells


  1. Standing or seated barbell military press

4 sets rep range: 12, 10, 8, 6 increasing resistance with two-minute rest periods in between


  1. Seated dumbbell press

4 sets rep range: 12, 10, 8 with a single drop set to failure with 50% load of the 3rd set


  1. Standing dumbbell lateral raises “The Rack”

Do 7 sets of 10 reps from lightest weight to heaviest weight with no rest followed by 5 minute rest period and then run the rack back from heaviest to lightest with the same weights. Try your best to keep time under tension at the same pace for each set.



5a. EZ bar standing upright row

3 sets rep range: 15, 12, and 10 increasing the resistance.  Time under tension and fluid motion is key.

5b. Bent over dumbbell reverse fly

3 sets rep range: 15, 12, 10


  1. Seated machine reverse fly

3 sets rep range:  15, 12, 10 with a 2 second isometric hold each repetition


  1. Standing dumbbell shrug

3 sets rep range: 10 reps on each. Increase weight with each set followed by one drop set to failure with a lighter weight of your choice that you are comfortable with.