Water used to be simple. You twisted a faucet. Out it came. You could even grab a drink in a public restroom without feeling nasty. Today, despite USA having one of the safest and most reliable drinking water systems in the world, bottled water is big. Why? Well, as many as 61.4 million Americans don’t drink tap water, found a paper in BMJ Yale. They do drink, just not from a facet.


The 8 Glass Suspicion

If don’t like the smell or taste of tap water, it’s easy to change that using filters. These include water filter jugs, bottle water filters and fridge water filters. If you own your house, an inbuilt water filter system offer extreme value. High on the list are reverse osmosis to alkaline filter combinations that give your water the perfect pH. Possibly the gold standard of water filters are electrolyzed water ionizers that run a current through the water lets you choose your water’s pH. Research found this can protect against oxidative damage to your RNA, DNA and protein while fighting stress and improving digestion. Small wonder they’re very popular in Asian countries, like Japan, where people routinely clock up 100 birthdays.


A Dehydrated Mess

You can see that you can forget Scotch or coffee being grown up drinks. Water is the real adult drink, but that doesn’t stop as much as 3 in 4 people from being chronically dehydrated. This stat means there are people who have been dehydrated so long they don’t even know any different. Small wonder you’re almost always told to drink more water. However, you could be doing yourself a small disservice if you do. Your evolutionary biology wants you to drink water high in alkaline vitamins and minerals from mountain springs because they help you hold water in your cells, giving you a more resilient immune system in the process. So, while tap water is safe, it’s not exactly what your body thrives on. This means you can drink enough tap water to make hourly restroom trips, yet still feel, thirsty, hungry, tired and have dry skin. So, what gives?


Water Quality Matters

Sure, you can keep drinking your tap water and will be hydrated, but you may not be optimized to achieve your goals. Fortunately, you can dramatically improve the performance of your tap water using TruLean’s Everyday Fit Water Enhancer sachets. They have eight flavors that come with zero sugar and just 5 calories. If you’re worried about that number of calories, there are ingredients that curb your appetite in the long run, so your overall bodyweight stats will be better off.


It does this by giving you blend of metabolism boosters, branch chain amino acids and electrolytes that make hydration, health and fat burning as easy as possible. It’s developed by scientists and nutritionists to stay hydrated, flush toxins and fight inflammation without any stimulants or harmful ingredients. Think of it as reverse engineering your water back to its mountain spring quality and then doubling down on those beneficial ingredients. One sachet means you’ll be able to sip on a cutting-edge supplement that’ll hydrate every part of your health. Now that’s something worth raising your glass to.


Photo credit: Photo by Bluewater Sweden on Unsplash.