With the MMA world rocked by the announcement the legendary Georges St-Pierre is making a comeback, it’s time to pay homage, regardless of the fight’s outcome (he won by the way, obviously.)

Known as one of the greatest all-round fighters to enter the Octagon, GSP did some mind-blowing things en route to the UFC welterweight summit. It was only a matter of time before there was interest in Georges St Pierre’s workout.

For example, he didn’t wrestle until he was 16 years old, but by the time he walked away from the Octagon, he was widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers ever.

This is in addition to being a third dan black belt in Kyokushin Karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a nod to just how seriously GSP works on his all-round game.

He’s the type of athlete who has never stopped learning.

In every fight camp, he introduces and attempts to master a new discipline that just adds to his already formidable fight arsenal.

Boxing, gymnastics, powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting are all things GSP utilizes in his game.

But how does he fit so many disciplines into a routine? Here’s how:


The GSP Georges St-Pierre Workout



“Gymnastics helps me have more coordination, more dexterity, and more agility. I try to be ahead of my time”
Georges St-Pierre


Dynamic ring muscle ups

(can be broken down into ring pull-ups and ring dips) Start by hanging from some rings. Swing back and forth to gain momentum, then pull yourself up while pushing your feet down and pulling your hips up.

You’ll end up horizontal as you get closer to the rings. Bring your elbows up by leaning forwards.


GSP Georges St Pierre Workout


Isometric straight legged core hold

Sit up on the floor with legs together, straight out in front of you. Using the push-up handles on either side of you, push yourself off the floor in the same seated position.

Flex your core as hard as you can to keep your legs in a straight position and hold for as long as you can. Beat your score at your next workout.



“This guy is doing jiu-jitsu and everything else. Now he’s studying boxing. He’s fantastic. Every day he’s learning – new moves, new agility, new everything!” Former Olympian, Howard Grant.


Jab-cross-roll- overhand pad/ bag combination

Throw a jab with your non-dominant hand, followed by a cross with your dominant hand, pivoting your back foot and keeping your knees soft. Roll under the pad, bending your knees and as you come up, throw a cross like step 2, but with your arm coming slightly over the top of your shoulder and connecting with your knuckles turned over.


GSP Workout


Heavy bag

Adopt a fighting stance with your guard up. Practice throwing powerful combinations while moving around the bag, working on power and endurance. Three-five minutes on, one minute off.



Weight Lifting

“Some fighters are very strong and very athletic. Some fighters are technical and smart, but not very athletic. Georges is the guy who brings it all together” Firas Zahabi (Trainer)


Weighted back squat jumps

Set up your back squat as normal, feet hip to shoulder width apart with the bar on the fleshy part of your traps. Bring yourself down into a half squat and power through the bar, leaving the ground slightly. Land softly on the balls of your feet, bending your knees to absorb any impact.


GSP Georges St Pierre Workout


Clean and press

Squat down and grab the bar in a deadlift position. Push through the heels and extend the hips to bring the bar up, using momentum to keep it close to your body. Pull yourself under the bar, rotate your shoulders and catch it across your chest and front delts. Press over your head and breathe out.



Fighting function and power

“It’s hard to compare Georges to anybody. He does everything well at a high level” Eric O’Keefe


Sledgehammer tire smash

Hold the sledgehammer with one hand on the bottom and one underneath the head.

Start to create a circle as you bring it over your shoulder. Bend your knees, sliding the hand near the head of the hammer down to the bottom as the hammer impacts the tire, bending your knees slightly on impact.


GSP Georges St Pierre Workout


Hurdle squat jumps

Set up your hurdles at a distance that allows you to jump over them without changing stance. Quarter squat down and swing your arms down.

Drive your legs and hips forward as you explode into a jump, and bring your feet and arms back in front. As you prepare to land, keep your feet flat and knees bent to absorb force.


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