A vegan, certified PT, and fitness expert Kollins Ezekh shares this workout you can do to get the most toned arms and abs of your life—without having to pump iron for hours on end or sip on one protein shake after another.

Warm Up:

Get your body fired up with this boxer’s warm up.

– Cross body jacks 30 seconds

cross body jacks gif

– Jab Cross Punches 30 seconds

jab cross punches gif

– Jump forward and walk back 30 seconds

jump forward walk back gif


Boxers Core Circuit:

Core is king in the boxing ring!

– Heel touches 20 Reps

heel touches ab exercise gif

– Windscreen wipers 20 Reps

wind screen wipers ab workout gif

– Russian twists 20 Reps

russian twists gif



These exercises are designed to increase the punching power of the boxer. 

– Decline Push Ups 15 Reps

decline press ups gif

– Dips 15 Reps

bench dips gif

– Bench Skull Crushers 15 Reps

skull crushers on bench gif



This part is designed to test the true champion in you.


Last but not least, it’s time to finish the fight! Throw a combination of punches and drop down to the ground.

Get up, repeat. 20 Reps

get up punch gif



Repeat the whole workout twice!