Want impressive results from your training? Plan ahead and write out your routine. Easy. Want high quality nutrition that eliminates the lure of junk foods? Do meal prep with a strategy in play. Even easier. Nail these two and what could go wrong? An awful lot. It doesn’t matter if every hour of your day is mapped out with military precision, the universe may have other ideas for your minutes. How do you predict you’ll react when you’ve got a flat tire in a snowstorm when you’re on the way to a crucial work appointment? Probably the same as you would when faced with super slow internet speed. Angry and frustrated. Truth be told, nobody can predict until the unexpected slaps you in the face. Planning goes out the window. Emergency systems kick in. Mental sirens are sounded. The first thing that hits the chopping block is your nutrition plan. You default to buying food from the places you wouldn’t normally visit because you’re left with almost no other choice. This is where instant protein pancakes step up to the plate.

When snags hit your schedule, rather than scramble around to make a pancake mixture that leaves a significant wake of clean-up behind it, reach for the instant pancakes. They’re something you can cook up with minimal fuss then take with you if you don’t finish the entire stack. That’s if there’s anything left, of course, because pancakes are the kind of food everyone loves.

If you’re traveling, then a ready-made pancake mix could be one of the most vital elements to pack. You can make it in your accommodation with minimal fuss. If you choose pancakes from a reputable brand that values nutrition, then this process becomes even easier and more beneficial. You should aim for an instant pancake product that gives you at least 20g of protein per serving because this will give your muscles the ammunition they need to recover optimally. Is this enough? Yes, because eating 90g of protein in one meal gives you the same benefits as eating 30g, found a study at the University of Texas, US. Most people eat high protein diets to lose weight and improve muscle tone, but you can only absorb so much before the excess gets stored as fat. With a 20g of protein base layer you’re hitting the mark perfectly and if you want to boost the protein content it’s easy to fix that with a few choice toppings like peanut butter.

Ready-to-cook pancakes are also ideal if you’re camping because they make for a tasty start to your morning. They’re also dry weight that packs down to nothing yet offers a big nutritional kick. And any leftovers can easily be stacked in a storage container to be eaten later. That’s certainly a strategy that many health-conscious exercisers adopt because pancakes are just as delicious cold as they are hot. They give you the opportunity to have a healthy quick snack at your fingertips that fills the hunger gap and keeps you fueled up to be your best. Instant pancakes are the thinking person’s contingency plan, even if that contingency is waking up and eating something you just love.


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