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Omnivores vs Vegetarians: Which Is Better?

There are constantly debates over whether cutting meat out of your diet actually helps or harms your gains.

Sure, there are plenty of health benefits associated with being both a meat-eater and a vegetarian, but is one really better than the other?


The history

Omnivore: Your body’s geared to absorb animal meat. This was the turning point of early human success that helped wean babies off their mothers sooner, found research at Lund University.

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Vegetarian: The earliest recorded vegetarianism was by Homer in The Odyssey in 8-12 centuries BC. This happened long after people were conscientious omnivores.

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Life expectancy

Omnivore: High protein diets from fish or chicken had longevity rates similar to those who ate only plant proteins, found research in JAMA Internal Medicine. Red meat lovers had shorter life spans.

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Vegetarian: This reduces greenhouse gases and the mortality rate of omnivores is 20% higher than vegetarians, found research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Good for your longevity and the planet’s.

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Omnivore: When omnivores took pea protein they had just as many gains in bicep muscle thickness as those who took whey, found research at the University of Burgundy. Vary your protein sources for better gains if you’re a meat eater.

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Vegetarian: Vegetarians who took creatine and weight trained achieved greater gains in lean muscle mass and training work loads compared to non-vegetarians, found research in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

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Omnivore: It’s plain and simple: meat eaters have more muscle mass, well, if they’re women, found research in the British Journal of Nutrition. No reason to think your physiology acts any differently.

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Vegetarian: Research in the journal Nutrients compared diets to find vegetarians had the lowest energy intake but the best nutrient quality and highest fiber intake. Great for staying leaner and healthier.

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The winner?

Draw! There is no right or wrong answer when choosing whether to eat meat or not. It comes down to personal preference and ensuring you maintain a balanced diet along with a healthy lifestyle.


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