There’s a killer on the rampage. It’s felling men, women, and anyone in between. It doesn’t care if you’re skinny fat or fat skinny. All it knows is how to do it hit you where it hurts. Right in the chest. That killer is heart disease, and it kills more people than any other affliction. It’s often thought of as a man’s disease. Sadly, it’s not sexist. It kills just as many women every single day. If you can mitigate your risk factors for this disease, then you’re already taking a very powerful step towards greater longevity. You should be doing a few things to keep your ticker in rude health. You should also be eating a few things to keep it powerful. Front and center of this the ketogenic diet, while some may argue that animal protein can have the reverse effect, this is only true if you choose low quality sources.


The Vitamin K Connection

There are vitamins out there that hog the limelight like a Kardashian on a red carpet. Vitamin K is not that vitamin. However, it is an emerging star. People who eat a diet rich in vitamin K have a 34% lower risk of atherosclerosis, related cardiovascular diseases, found a paper Journal of the American Heart Association. They looked at 5,000 people to figure this out over a period of 23 years, so it’s not without careful due diligence. Vitamin K helped to make the proteins that you need to have better blood clotting and build your bones with wolverine-like strength. Blood clotting is an odd option, but it’s what stops you from bleeding out when you get a nick on your fingers while cutting onions. Keeping your blood at the right consistency is the ideal way to make sure your heart is operating with the highest quality raw materials.


Keto Connection

So, how does the ketogenic eating pattern lock in with vitamin K. Well, all the foods recommended to be in ketosis state are loaded with this crucial vitamin. It’s not found in calorific, high carb veggies (ahem, spuds and carrots). Instead, it’s loaded into those vegetables that have low calorie but are very nutrient dense. Front and center is the ever-popular kale which can offer you 1938% of your daily recommended value using just 200-calorie serve to accompany it. That’s some seriously good ratios that will help keep your heart in peak condition. As you move further down the list of keto-approved foods, the next best contenders are broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, asparagus, and green beans. That’s pretty much a ketogenic smorgasbord of goodness that will not only taste great, but help you feel better from the inside out. The ketogenic life is not just about weight loss, which is a powerful heart elixir, but it’s also effective at giving your body the elements you need to be at your best. Day after day. Year after year. To get support for the long run, visit American Metabolix for people who understand how to get everything you can out of the ketogenic lifestyle.



Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash.