Put down the coffee because these culinary essentials to keep your wheels of exercise progress turning so you’re left forever uplifted!



A measly 100g yields a monstrous 1176% of your RDA of the energy-yielding vitamin B12, so rev your engine before you tuck in.



Budget camping meal they might be, but they’re also a B vitamin-packed-take -anywhere energy elixir.


Swiss Cheese

When faced with a selection at the sandwich shop this is the option that won’t leave a hole in your afternoon oomph.



So energy dense are they that research in the International Journal of Obesity found they enhance weight loss thanks to their ability to leave you feeling full.



High in protein, carbs, manganese, folate and magnesium it’s a nutritional bulls-eye for lasting energy.



Throw a handful into your mouth for a massive hit of slow digesting protein, fat, fibre and zinc.


Brown rice

High in manganese this mineral helps draw the energy from protein and carbs.



They’re so high in carbs that they’re as effective as a sports drink, found research in PLoS ONE. Take that Gatorade.


Coconut water

With five times more potassium than Powerade it’s an excellent all natural sub for a sports drink.



Eat this in your afternoon salad and you’ll never suffer the slump.



Their slow digesting fibre, protein and carbs will keep you animated.



Any time energy reserve you need when you venture far from your fridge.



Yes, it’s got protein but it’s the slow digesting good fats that’ll keep you going.