Avoid that afternoon slump with just a few dietary adjustments.

Here are the culinary essentials that’ll give you more get up and go than Buzz Lightyear.


1. Liver

Vitamin B12 is one of the most essential vitamins to keep our brain and nervous system functioning. Just 100g of liver contains 1,176% of your RDA of this energy-yielding vitamin.


2. Eggs

Eggs should really be considered a superfood, they have heaps of health benefits. They are so energy dense, they actually enhance weight loss by leaving you feeling full.


3. Quinoa

This grain lives up to it’s hype. High in protein, manganese, folate, carbs and magnesium, it’ll keep you buzzing for ages. Add a cup to your salad to keep you going all afternoon.


4. Sardines

Fish are, in general, a great addition to your diet. Sardines, especially, come with a host of health benefits. Ignore the dead-eye look, this fish is a B vitamin-packed-take-anywhere energy elixir.


5. Pepitas

Otherwise known, to us non-Spanish speakers, as pumpkin seeds. Gobble a handful for a massive hit of slow-digesting protein, fat, fiber and zinc.


6. Brown rice

The high levels of manganese in brown rice help to boost energy levels. This is because it’s the mineral that helps draw energy from protein and carbs.


7. Almonds

Despite being high in fat, almonds are extremely nutritious and healthy. Use them as an anytime energy reserve you need when you venture far from your fridge.


8. Salmon

Well known as great ‘brain food’, this oily fish not only contains tonnes of protein but the slow-digesting good fats will keep you going.


9. Bananas

They’re so high in carbs that they’re as effective as a sports drink, found research in PLOS ONE. Take that, Gatorade.


10. Coconut water

Coconuts are a fantastic, multi-purpose source of vitamins and minerals. Coconut water contains five times more potassium than Powerade, which makes for a natural sub for sports drinks that are often high in sugar.


11. Spinach

Not only does it boost your immune system, but add this to your afternoon salad and you’ll never suffer the slump.


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