Some foods are difficult to put down, but this might not be entirely your fault. There are subtle factors that can cause you to overeat. These are the warning signs to look out for.


Blue light

Blue light is everywhere in a world of smartphones and TV screens. Research by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that blue-light exposure before and during your evening meal can increase hunger and alter your metabolism for the worse. Switch off the screens and you’ll be leaner.


Plate size

Shelling out for a new, smaller crockery set might be worth the cost. Research in the International Journal of Obesity found that 92% of people eat whatever is on their plate until it’s completely clean. Smaller plates mean smaller servings and less body fat.



Keep your mind on your meal and you’ll eat less. Research in PLOS ONE found that people who were distracted while eating ate significantly more. Switch off Modern Family and engage with your real family to fight the fat.


Being in a rush

A to-do list that reads like a phone book is no excuse for wolfing down your lunch. Research in the British Medical Journal found eating quickly until you’re full triples your risk of being overweight. The tortoise wins the weight-loss race.


Fork size

Small cutlery might supersize your waistline. In a restaurant setting people who used large forks ate less than those with small ones, according to research in the Journal of Consumer Research. Bigger bites make you feel full faster.


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