The keto flu has become a rite of passage. It’s the predictable preamble before the weight loss kicks in. The sicker you are, the leaner you’ll get. No, that’s not true. However, like calluses on your hands from lifting weights, or blisters from too many miles run, it’s touted as the price of admission after you’ve been eating a ketogenic diet for roughly a week. As your body is adjusting to a low carb existence, it voices its displeasure with wonderful things like headaches, nausea and fatigues. These often send people running back to a high-carb life, but it’s worth resisting the urge. Though not medically recognized, most people who follow a keto diet plan have experienced some symptoms which is why it’s ill advised to take the yo-yo approach with keto. The cost of admission can be a little steep and you can’t call in sick with the keto flu. However, don’t let that discourage you if you’ve fallen off the wagon. Here’s how to mitigate the keto flu so you can get back to feeling your best.


  1. Double your water intake

If you can’t double it, then add some salts or hydration minerals to your water, so you retain more of it. You can even use electrolytes to assist with this. Going through ketosis means your metabolism is hiked up, which is what you want, but it can make you mildly dehydrated so it’s a smart move to counterbalance this side effect. It comes with the bonus of leaving you feeling fuller, so you won’t want to overeat.

  1. Increase your rest

It’s unwise to start a new training routine and diet at the same time. Stick to one or the other or you may feel overwhelmed. This strategy also allows you to schedule a rest week when you’re not feeling your best. Don’t try to exercise through the agony. Rather get some extra sleep, enjoy a massage and take a breather.

  1. Eat if you’re hungry

Keep your ratios the same, so limit your carbs, but stock up on a few extra healthy calories from approved sources. Even if you’re craving carbs, being able to offer that craving a solid hit of healthy fats and protein will help you banish them, while alleviating the keto flu feelings.

  1. Add some carbs

This isn’t a license to dominate an entire pack of pasta. Rather, add in a few healthier carbs that will improve your health. Try to increase your carb intake by no more than 5-10%. Ideally, you want to get these carbs from nutritious vegetable sources so that you can enjoy the extra health benefits they’ll bring.

  1. Get moving

You’re unlikely to hit any personal bests, but it can elevate your mood and improve circulation if you do some light exercise. Try things such as cycling or even swimming because they don’t require you to support your entire bodyweight.

You don’t need to be bed-ridden or begin wearing a mask when this flu strikes. Just toughen yourself up against it because it’s a sign that your eating plan is working. Normally it only lasts a week. That’s nothing to deal with and a shorter period than you would get with regular flu. Once you punch through it, you’ll be rewarded with a leaner healthier self who will have never felt better.


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