Food is everything when it comes to weight loss. You can refuse to leave the couch and still lose weight if you change what you eat and limit your quantities. However, food isn’t quite as simple as calories in versus calories out. It’s interacts complexly in your body which means you can manipulate it to further your goals. You’re smarter than your foods so turn that to your advantage and use these everyday tweaks to get just a little leaner this month. When the hot weather breaks out, you’ll be well prepared to look sinfully good.


Action 1: Fill Your Fruit Bowl

Fruit has often been called the gateway drug to obesity. With all those added sugars that get digested so quickly, it’s easy to see why this myth has become so entrenched into your weight loss dogma. In reality, your fruit bowl is a weight loss dark horse. Those beautiful natural pigments that are responsible for the blue, purple and red color of fruits and veggies actually help you fight off obesity, found research at the American Chemical Society. They don’t taste half bad either.


Action 2: Sharpen Your Knife

Big chunks of food don’t gel very well with your weight loss mindset. You need to adjust the size of the parcels entering your grill if you want to create an illusion. Chopping your food into smaller pieces helps you eat less, found a research paper at Arizona State University Take the extra few seconds to create mouthfuls the size of thumb to slow down your eating rate and this will help you feel fuller on less food. It’s an easy win. Just spend less time on the treadmill and more time at the dinner table.


Action 3: Get Inventive With Cinnamon

While it may have a marriage to pancakes, cinnamon is actually a very diverse spice that can worth eating more of, especially in high calorie meals such as curries, soups and stews. Research at Penn State University found when it’s added to a high fat meal can reduce the amount of fat in your blood by as much as 30%. This means it’s effectively acting as a fat blocker when you include it into any meal.


Action 4: Eat Chocolate In The Morning

Chocolate is usually the arch enemy of anyone looking to diet, but the worst thing you can do is deny yourself this incredible taste. The best time to eat it? In the morning, says a paper in The FASEB Journal. When people ate roughly 100g of chocolate within an hour of waking up they gained no weight at all, compared to those who ate it late at night. This gives the body time to burn it off and offset your calorie intake throughout the day in a natural way that you may not even be aware of, you can even make it more beneficial to you by choosing a chocolate protein bar.


Action 5: Consider Which Meal You Skip

Many people don’t feel hungry in the morning. Good news says a paper at Ohio State University. People who gave breakfast the cold shoulder didn’t miss out on key nutrients that can impact health. They just ate them at later times during the day. It’s important for kids but less so for adults, so act like one if you want to lose weight by using this tip and the rest on this list to be a little leaner this week than you were last week.



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