We challenge you to find a tastier way to boost your health and exercise performance than a hearty snack of this mouth-watering melon


1. The eyes have it

It’ll keep your eye on the ball. Zeaxanthin is the pigment that makes the melon green and research in Optometry found that it keeps your peepers in good nick by accumulating in the macular of your eye where it absorbs harmful blue light. It’s the juiciest way to make sure you’re looking good.


2. Breathe easy

It’s jam-packed with vitamin C, with just a few slices giving you your RDA. Research at the University of Helsinki, Finland, found that a diet high in this vitamin can substantially reduce bronchoconstriction (formally called exercise-induced asthma). So if you’re coughing and wheezing during workouts then make sure you eat plenty of this tasty fruit at all times.


3. Hydrate

It has a high water content. Almost 90% of it is made up of H2O and it also sports a good serving of potassium. This makes it the ideal food for eating after you’ve gone for a sweaty run. It’ll hydrate you really quickly while replacing some of the electrolytes you’ve lost during training.


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