Wok Steady

Whether you’re Uber eating or having a crack at a new recipe, Asian foods have a solid rep as being healthier. But reps can be wrong in spite of those crunchy veggies says a paper by Singapore’s Clinical Nutrition Research Center. The hungry scientists poked their instruments at 25 of the most popular Asian foods (from Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine) and compared them to 29 Western foods based on their macronutrient, sodium and cholesterol profiles. Despite heart disease and obesity being lower in Asian countries, their cuisine had more saturated fat, three times as much cholesterol and twice as much sodium. There wasn’t much difference between the calorie counts so keep tabs on your serving size because the slower scoff speed due to the chopsticks may not be enough offset the red dragon’s power.


Randomized Controlled trial

Research rating: 4/6



Skin Deep

Your skin care routine probably involves washing your face with shampoo while your girl is diligently following the 13-step Swedish facial cleanse – and you still look younger. If you want to twist the knife, have a second helping of veggies, suggests a paper in >Frontier of Psychology. They not only found that fitness improved the appearance of your skin (no duh) but discovered a positive change in skin color after eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables that contained antioxidants called carotenoids. This gave the skin a light yellowing that was perceived as more attractive. Forget the moisturizer – run more, ace your sleep routine and eat yourself handsomer because you wear your health like man makeup.


Cohort Observational Study

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The reduction in your heart disease risk if you’re eating fewer animal products, compared to men who eat more. The reduction only counts if you manage to keep away from vegetarian junk foods (candy, juice, refined grains) so steer clear of anything that grandma would serve you when you’re at grocery store and feeling peckish.

10 – duration of study in years

11% – reduction in women’s heart disease risk
Source: American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session

Cohort Observational Study

Research level 3/6


Cooler Heads

If there’s a chance it’ll get furry, refrigerate it – hamsters excluded. That’s the food storage psychology that might make your fridge tough to close. However, if you’re looking to maximize your storage then these are the surprising foods that a survey by Which found may not need to occupy the cold place… even if the label says otherwise.


Fridge Friendly



Salad cream

Maple syrup

Tartare sauce

Redcurrant Jelly


Cupboard Dwellers


HP Brown sauce


Mint Sauce


Olive Oil

Soy Sauce

Mango Chutney

Malt Vinegar

Hot pepper sauce

Worchester sauce