In a world where social distancing is encouraged, garlic flakes are there to help you play ball. Apply liberally and few will come near you. That’s a case of good luck. Bad luck. While it may keep you healthy by keeping those away from you, it’s also powerful at improving your immune system from the inside out. Not only does it make pretty much everything taste amazing, (even Brussel sprouts and plain bread) but it also rolls with a host of unreal benefits for our body. These are some of the most powerful reasons why you need it in your life, in the most everyday ways possible.


Garlic heals those creaky knees

You don’t even have to rub it into the wounded knee. Instead, you can just wolf it down like you usually would in your curries, stews, and breads. Garlic stops the activity of inflammatory proteins and people who eat very high quantities (like 3-4 cloves) daily can enjoy less pain, fatigue, and have joints that don’t ache quite as much. You don’t have to swallow garlic cloves like they’re a vitamin pill. That’s getting a little extreme. However, just make sure you’re including a serve in each meal. It’s the easy way to eat healthily.


Garlic pumps up your immunity

Bad breath can ward away many things, germs included. While garlic can’t create an invisible forcefield around you, it can fortify your internal defenses. It’s believed to have antiviral properties that stops viruses from entering cells.  Some research says it can even fight off the common cold and reduce its severity. While those results are yet to be proven, it’s at least got a serious pedigree you can tap into when you need the boost.


Garlic makes you recover like Eminem

Exercise and life are hard. They both create horrendous levels of free radicals. These radicals bounce around your body doing all sorts of untold harm. Fortunately, garlic has the counterpunch which comes in the form of antioxidants. They go around mopping up the free radical damage that can cause diseases.  Think of it as medicine, but the kind that doesn’t taste so bad you pull a face like a beekeeper’s glove.


It doesn’t need to be fresh

Garlic doesn’t lose its health properties when it’s dried out. In fact, the longer garlic is exposed to oxygen, the more potent it can get in terms of the benefits it can handball to you. Fresh garlic can stain your fingers with a smell that is impenetrable to the best of hand sanitizers. Try going to sleep when your hands smell like garlic. It’s no fun for you or your partner. Fortunately, you can use dried garlic in a spice bottle with just as much flavor as the fresh variety. Chicken breasts, fish and steak do get boring so to make sure you don’t slide down the path of deep-frying food for flavor, it’s wise to get a good rack of spices to help you along. You’ll be more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan if you have a good spice selection in your corner.