Kris Gethin is the CEO of Kaged Muscle supplements and a training and transformation specialist. He is the author of several best-selling books including Bollywood By Design and The Transformer.


Why CarnoSyn®?

There is no denying the popularity of beta-alanine among training populations across the globe, myself included.

However, the only beta-alanine I use with KAGED MUSCLE and recommend generally is CarnoSyn®, a patented and premium variety of this widely-used amino acid.

Having spent years highlighting the superiority of CarnoSyn® over generic beta-alanine via my social media posts, written newsletters, YouTube videos and magazine articles, it has spurred people on to ask lots of questions on this topic.

In this feature, I’m going to share the most common questions surrounding CarnoSyn® and publish my answers for the very first time.


Why is CarnoSyn® better than generic beta-alanine?

My approach to supplementation is to always seek out the evidence.

In the world of sports nutrition and science there is a lot of ambiguity surrounding “evidence” because many brands cut corners and borrow science.

CarnoSyn® has been stringently tested using extensive scientific studies which proves beyond doubt that it is effective in specific dosages.

There are over 55 scientific studies which demonstrate the 8 main benefits of using CarnoSyn®:

• More muscle growth
• Greater strength
• Extended endurance
• Enhanced recovery
• Improved cognitive function
• Delayed fatigue
• Antioxidant properties
• Anti-inflammatory capabilities

When you choose CarnoSyn® over generic beta-alanine, these are the guarantees backed by science for safety, purity and performance.

Often brands will use cheaper generic beta-alanine and in smaller dosages to make the same claims, yet because of the compromises they’ve made, the impact is subdued.

As a patented ingredient, CarnoSyn® is proven to be safe and effective.

Manufactured under a strict process of quality control, its efficacy has also been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


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What does CarnoSyn® actually do?

The human body produces carnosine which is a dipeptide molecule.

When muscle carnosine levels increase, you buffer the onset of fatigue more effectively, muscles can attain a higher work capacity and muscle strength improves as well as endurance.

CarnoSyn® has proven itself to be the most effective way of elevating muscle carnosine levels.

After 10 weeks of supplementing with CarnoSyn®, muscle carnosine levels have been shown to rise by 80%!

With the use of CarnoSyn® you can expect to benefit from peak performance and faster recovery during exercise.




Will CarnoSyn® benefit me?

Regardless of your physical discipline, using CarnoSyn® can contribute to a better outcome.

The 55+ studies include cyclists, who experienced an elevation in peak power of over 11%, to regular gym users who found their overall work capacity increased by almost 17%.

Other studies were done on HIIT athletes, professional rowers and collegiate football players.

The one consistent result across all demographics was improved physical output across multiple thresholds.

This is why I’m able to give a resounding “yes” to this question – CarnoSyn® will benefit you.




When should I consume CarnoSyn®?

Taking CarnoSyn® pre-workout and during exercise is the most effective method.

Based on the scientific studies, the recommended dosages are 3.2g of CarnoSyn® that I consume in two doses; one 45 minutes prior to training within my KAGED MUSCLE supplement PREKAGED and the second during the workout within INKAGED.

As a hybrid athlete who does extremely intense weight training, IRONMAN events and ultra marathons, I can confirm consuming CarnoSyn® in this fashion provides me with the claimed benefits.




Do I need to cycle off CarnoSyn®?

CarnoSyn® carries no health warnings for prolonged consumption and is therefore something I take continuously, year-round.

It is a natural amino acid which the body is more than able to tolerate and benefit from.

With regards to developing a tolerance to CarnoSyn®, this is not relevant because there is always a need for recovery and fatigue buffering while exercising.


Should I take extra CarnoSyn® for extra results?

Research shows you should be taking CarnoSyn® on rest days during the month-long loading phase.

When using CarnoSyn®, stick to the dosages which have been proven by science, 3.2g to 6.4g per day.

The supplement industry is rife with prescriptions based upon unfounded anecdotal “evidence” which leads people to take extra for the sake of it.

Usually, this just leads to a waste of money and in some cases, unnecessary strain on the body.


Is hydration more important when using CarnoSyn®?

Hydration is always of paramount importance: drinking enough fluid, consuming enough electrolytes and supplementing with CarnoSyn® are not mutually exclusive.

Being sufficiently hydrated will allow your body to successfully transport CarnoSyn® to the muscles more easily.

Hydration will always play an extensive role in reducing fatigue and enhancing performance in its own right.

My personal recommendation is to consume between 1-2 gallons per day depending on exercise frequency, type, rate of perspiration and climate.




Can women benefit from CarnoSyn® as well?

It has been scientifically proven that women benefit from CarnoSyn® supplementation, not just men.

An extensive 28-day study was conducted on both men and women.

The findings were that women experienced an elevation of 12% in overall work capacity after using CarnoSyn® consistently during that period.

This demonstrates a substantial uplift in performance regardless of your chosen endeavor.

I am proud to stand behind products which are of the utmost benefit to you, the athlete – and CarnoSyn® is one ingredient I fully endorse.

CarnoSyn® can elevate performance and recovery for anybody who trains intensely; the specific numbers have been shared in this Q&A.

The credibility of this patented beta-alanine is supported by the extensive scientific research behind it.

This is why we at KAGED MUSCLE decided to utilize this ingredient rather than a cheaper, inferior form of generic beta-alanine.


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