Power up your airways using these foods that’ll keep your lungs strong and endurance exercise powerful.


Trout, mushrooms, tofu

Secret weapon: Vitamin D

The sunlight vitamin is proving very useful. Research in the journal Allergy found it was such a powerful lung elixir, it even reduces incidences of asthma.



Secret weapon: Epigallocatechin

This is a tasty way of improving the health of your lungs. A study in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research found blackcurrants reduce lung inflammation and even ward off allergy-induced asthma. Throw them in your protein smoothies before you lace up your running shoes.


Chicken soup

Secret weapon: Neutrophil inhibitors

Grandma was right all along, but don’t just save chicken soup for when you’re sick. It’s full of neutrophil inhibitors that work as a lung-specific anti-inflammatory agent that hampers lung-obstructing mucus according to researchers at the American College of Chest Physicians.



Secret weapon: Glucoraphanin

This molecule produces sulforaphane when chewed, which helps prevent lung cancer and purge the lungs of pollutants, found research in Carcinogenesis. Even if you don’t smoke, it’ll help keep your lungs safe from smoke and keep you on the run.


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