IFBB Pro, men’s physique champion, sponsored athlete, fitness model and a personal trainer, Romane Lanceford shares the diet that fuels his title-winning body.


Vital Stats

Name: Romane Lanceford

Age: 29

Height: six-foot-one

Weight: 195lb

Occupation: Personal trainer


romane lanceford topless


Romane Lanceford Diet Menu


Meal 1

100g porridge oats

2 scoop whey

1 Efectiv Nutrition Pro-Vit

1 serving Efectiv Nutrition Omega 3

1 Efectiv Nutrition BCAA XTRA


Meal 2

150g grilled salmon

60g avocado


Meal 3

150g chicken breast

100g green veg

300g sweet potato


Meal 4

Pre workout:

200g extra-lean ground beef

140g wholegrain rice

20g cashews


Meal 5
Post workout:

3 rice cakes

2 scoops Efectiv Nutrition Whey Dessert


Meal 6

200g white fish

90g green veg

70g avocado


Romane Lanceford’s rules for physique success

“Always research what your goals require and make sure your nutrition is structured toward that. A lot of people talk about consistency, but consistency to the wrong thing can waste a lot of time. You’ll often see people training hard day in day out yet they look the same year in year out. That’s a typical example of someone who hasn’t got their nutrition correct, and diet is slightly more important than the training because you can eat clean and look good even if you don’t train. You can’t look good and be healthy by training alone if your diet is poor.”


Set a goal

“You’ll find it much easier to get in shape and resist temptation if you have a goal. Maybe it’s a vacation, summer, a show or just to drop a dress size or loose X amount of pounds. Set yourself a target whether it be little or large.”


Cheat for sustainability

“Cheat meals are known for kick-starting your metabolism when you’ve been in a strict calorie deficit for a while. What I believe to be more important than this are the physiological benefits. For many athletes who have been dieting for a while or incorporate it as a lifestyle, many of us can take or leave cheat meals once we’ve got our ‘eyes on the prize’. For someone new to dieting that’s not so easy. Food is an emotional comfort as most of us see eating as a pleasurable experience; no matter what’s going on in their life they can always rely on food as a pick me up. When that’s taken away and there’s no evening meal or treats to look forward to the deprivation can cause depression and a ‘is it even worth it’ approach to someone who’s life goals don’t require dieting and maybe not immediately but overtime, the chances are that person will quit. Cheat meals offer that pleasure whilst on a diet but having it once a week gives you something to look forward to.”


Romance Lancefords favourite diet dish

Chili con carne

“My signature dish would have to be meal 4, the ground mince beef and rice. But I often add chopped tomatoes, peppers, greens and a bit of chili to spice this one up. It reminds me of chili con carne.”